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Participating in a Linked In Group, particularly a group that is full of people within your target market is a great way of building your profile. By answering questions and joining in discussions you can showcase what you do, demonstrate your expertise, and make it clear that you are someone who knows what you are talking about. People start to become aware of what it is that you do and your name suddenly starts to get out there.

Are you ever in that situation when someone says to you ‘Do you know so and so…?’ and you say ‘Oh yes I know the name …..’ or ‘Oh yes isn’t she the NLP Expert?’ or whatever.  You would be surprised how easy it is for names to filter into our consciousness because of  things like Linked in groups and social networking.

I started a group on Linked In just over 12 months ago, Trainer Talk. I have been amazed at the growth of the group,we now have around 1200 members and it’s growing rapidly. When you are the Manager of a Linked In Group you have even more advantages than if you are just participating. You can own the group,  for a start you can have your company logo on there.

You can manage discussions and prioritise the ones you want people to read about the most by moving them into a managers choice area.

You can send announcements to members of the group once  a week, therefore you have the facility to email group members directly – no-one else in the group is able to do this.

And like anything else if you are the leader of the group people remember you more – a fantastic way of building your profile.

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