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Sharon Gaskin
Sharon Gaskin, The Trainers Training Company
The Trainers Training Company

Honestly, the answer to feeling good about your pricing is NOT:

The answer to nailing your pricing is surprisingly simple. It’s about knowing the numbers, identifying what you need to earn, what you want to earn and having a plan to hit your targets.

It’s also about taking the emotions out of pricing - what people can or can’t afford to pay isn’t a statement of your worth!

I can help you tackle this head-on too.

It isn’t your job to play small to accommodate people shopping on price. Your job is to share your amazing knowledge and you’ll be more able to do that if you’re not stressed about paying your bills.

What you will get in this guide

Most of all, you’ll finish the guide knowing what you need to earn to run a sustainable training business with the potential to grow in the future. Forget sticking your head in the sand – this is about thinking like a CEO so you and your business can thrive.


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