I had some great questions at the end of my Webcast last week on How To Get A Steady Stream Of Clients so I’ve decided to post one or two of them plus my answers of course on the blog over the next week or so.

Q: How do you feel about offering a short lunchtime session to companies who you are interested in as a calling card?


A: For a freelance trainer it’s a good strategy as it gives your potential client a taster and it’s low risk for them in terms of money and time. It also gives you a specific reason to call/email as you are giving them something of value.

However, I think there are dangers in offering too much for free – in terms of your own time – and you don’t want any potential client to get used to free/low value stuff.

Limit the amount of free stuff you do. Decide which type of client would be worth doing this for. Have specific criteria, etc industry sector, location, size of company….You don’t want to do it for just anyone. And then stick to it!

Also be very clear on your objectives for the free session. This should be part of your planning process. Are you going to offer a specific programme to them at the end of it and give them a package price? How are you going to follow it up? Etc etc….







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