Whether you plan to market yourself as a trainer online or not, there is no doubt that the internet is fast becoming THE place to check people out before they are spoken to, contacted or even hired.

We are seeing reports in the media more and more about how companies are checking out graduates’ facebook accounts before interviewing them, googling people’s names to verify their CV details and searching the online networks to read testimonials before awarding contracts.

Now, there is no reason to panic and go off and buy the latest internet marketing home study course – after all, you are starting up a training business here, not wanting to sell downloadable e-books & make money with adwords.  But, you do need to be aware of where companies check out their freelance trainers and training companies.

If you are just starting out, and haven’t even got a website, then the best place to begin is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is an online network aimed at the business market and it really is the best place to start to get your head around social networking and web 2.0.  It’s free to use so there’s no excuse of having no budget to spend.

Click on this link here to check out my profile – Karen Skidmore on LinkedIn – and this link to view Sharon Gaskin’s profile – connect with us as we would love to be part of your network and when you have uploaded a photo, your profile and contact details dive in to the questions and answers section.  There’s lots to join in with and ulitimately showcase yourself as a expert in your field.


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