Taking the plunge and becoming a freelance trainer can be incredibly exciting, and many relish the opportunity to be in the training room doing what they love. However, it goes without saying that working as a freelancer is very different from working as a contractual employee. Starting your own training business can be quite daunting and it can take time to become successful, but there are lots of things you can do to ensure you’re running a profitable and future-fit business.

To help any first-time freelance trainers who are just starting to run their own training courses, below we have put together some useful tips that will help you to hit the ground running and grow your training business over time. 

Try to maintain a good work/life balance

When it comes to booking freelance trainer jobs and doing the required preparation for your training courses, it can be easy to work much longer hours than you should be. Whilst you will undeniably want to give your new training business your all, working too much can actually be counterproductive. Try to set yourself some boundaries and make sure that you’re maintaining a good work/life balance, regardless of how busy and successful you become. 

Stay on top of your workload with lists 

Lots of freelance trainers can feel as though there aren’t enough hours in the day and important tasks can be pushed aside as they try to stay on top of their workload. One of the best ways to ensure that you’re not forgetting anything whilst you’re working is to create various lists. Having a master list for tasks you want to achieve long term, a weekly list for tasks you want to accomplish in the week and a HIT list for tasks you need to complete that day is incredibly useful. This way, you can always see what needs to be achieved and by when. 

Actively use your business social media accounts 

There is no denying that digital marketing is essential to the success of training businesses and it can help to increase the number of freelance training jobs you book. Social media is one of the simplest, yet arguably most effective, ways to market your training business and you should be using social media to your advantage. Try to find time to check your social media on a daily basis and make sure that you’re writing new engaging posts and responding to any comments. 

Keep up to date with the industry 

Remaining both relevant and competitive will help to ensure that your training courses aren’t being overlooked by prospective clients, and staying up to date with what’s happening in the industry is so important in this regard. Get into the habit of keeping an eye on the trends in both the industry you specialise in and also the training industry, and simply reading various social posts and news sources can help you to stay up-to-date. 

Always make time for your clients 

The more clients you have, the more difficult it can be to find time for them, but it is absolutely crucial that you’re providing an exemplary service. Ultimately, it is both more time-efficient and cost-effective to retain existing clients than it is to find new clients, and when you’re a freelance trainer, taking care of your clients will be the key to your ongoing success. Make sure you’re following up with clients after your training courses and responding to any queries that they may have, it’s the little touches that will help to forge a positive long-term relationship.

Prioritise training and development

As a freelance trainer, you’re well aware of just how important training and development is, and you need to ensure that you’re not overlooking your own personal and professional development when you start training other people. Training and development can not only improve your performance, but it can increase client satisfaction and enhance your reputation too, so it is something that you should be prioritising throughout your career. 

Running a successful freelance training business

Hopefully, the tips above will be useful when you’re new to being a freelance trainer and they will help you to ensure that you’re not making any costly mistakes from the outset. Should you be interested in getting some more tailored advice relating to your new training business, take a look at the one-to-one mentoring that we provide here at The Trainers Training Company. 

Whilst exploring our website, make sure you check out the many different resources, training programmes, events and opportunities that we provide too. There really is no better website or company to turn to when you’re a first-time freelance trainer and we can help you to become as successful as possible, regardless of the type of training courses that you offer.  


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