“Since joining Trainer Talk, I’ve increased my annual turnover by 330%. I wouldn’t still be in business if it wasn’t for the advice, support and opportunities in this community.”

Trainer Talk is more than just a membership.

Let’s face it, going solo is exhilarating, scary, empowering and overwhelming. And that’s just the first day! Even if you’ve been doing this for a while, there’s one thing being your own boss can’t give you:


That sense of belonging that comes from being around people who know what you do, what it’s like and why you need to feel like you’re not alone.

Trainer Talk gets you business.

Members actively support each other – not just with words, but with work:

– opportunities for referrals that are not advertised elsewhere

– collaborations that need complementary skills

– well-paid contracts that support members delivering large projects

These are just some of the examples of how members have supported each other’s businesses. They’re also not one-off situations, but regularly occurring events.

Trainer Talk helps you get better clients and better pay.

When we’re trying to ‘go it alone’, we often struggle to work out if what we’re experiencing is normal. Should you accept those terms? Do you have to accept that rate of pay?

In Trainer Talk, not only do we put our cards on the table about these things, we actively help members understand how to calculate and charge what they’re worth and not accept unfair limitations on their business. 

It can be difficult to feel ‘big enough’ to stand up for what’s right for your business. But when you have the whole Trainer Talk community standing behind you, it’s like an injection of super-charged courage and conviction!

Even more reasons to join Trainer Talk

Grow Your Business

From Branding to Pricing, Systems to Solutions and everything in between, we’ve got more than 35 trainings (and counting) waiting for you inside the membership hub.

Unequivocal Support

Whatever type of day you’re having, if you need some creative ideas or just somewhere to vent about that client, there’s always someone just a comment away in the community group. We’ve got you.

Your Questions Answered

There are regular opportunities to put your questions to Sharon and other trainers. Get live responses to your burning questions from people who just get it.

Of course, you can always try to carry on by yourself …


No-one to bounce ideas off of, get creative inspiration from, no-one to understand what it means to get that amazing feedback from the last session (or empathise about the one snippy idiot in the room).


So not only do you need to find clients, you’ve also got to think about your pricing and some social media stuff (although you’re not sure why) and that’s without thinking about your website or any of the hundreds of other things suddenly on your to-do list …


Freelance life was supposed to help you get a better work / life balance, wasn’t it? So how come you have even less time than before and yet the bank balance doesn’t seem to be moving upwards like you would expect?

Being in Trainer Talk says you’re serious about your business.

Clients take notice when you talk about how you’re developing your business. It tells them you are serious about being a business owner, not just a jobbing trainer.

When you’re a member of Trainer Talk, the opportunities to develop your business increase exponentially. Learn from Sharon and fellow members about the tools they use, the perspectives they have and the strategies they recommend for growth.

Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge contained in the member hub, where you can brush up on the latest thinking around training design, business strategy and social media (to name just a few).

You can also ask a question at any time in the member community, or get immediate advice and feedback in the monthly business clinics. Trainer Talk Live and Trainer Talk Locals give you the opportunity to experience the support of the community in-person and virtually. 

At A Glance: What You Get

Private Community

A private online group where you can exchange ideas with other freelance trainers, celebrate and rant whenever you need to  (even at the same time!).

Business Support

Ask questions at any time in the community, look for answers in the resources of the member hub or get immediate advice in the monthly business clinics.

Business Promotion

Submit your details to the Top Trainer Profile page, take part in regular opportunities to promote yourself to others so you’re always in line for referrals.

Business Opportunities

Members regularly post opportunities for other members in the private group, which never get advertised elsewhere.

Live Events

Meet up with fellow trainers – virtual and in person – at the Trainer Talk live events and Trainer Talk Locals.

Trainer Talk: Your One Stop Shop For Business Growth

In Trainer Talk you not only get access to tools and techniques to improve your training skills, you get access to the best information around about how to grow your business so that it’s delivering the lifestyle and commitment you choose. We want to see you succeed!

If you pay annually, it’s the equivalent of spending less than £1.30 a day to access instant advice, a vast resource library and acres of support.

A no-brainer decision!

Earn Money Back From Your Membership

As a Trainer Talk member you can easily become an affiliate partner, earning 30% back for every new member you refer – for as long as both you and they are members!

That’s 30% of an annual payment or 30% every month of their monthly payment.

Why Join Trainer Talk?

“Trainer Talk is a fabulous community. I’ve been subscribed to the Associate Alert Service for a few years and – quite honestly – hadn’t considered becoming part of the wider Trainer Talk community until a few months ago. I realise now how much time I’d wasted!

From the minute I signed up, I’ve been connected to some fantastic talent, a really lovely, informative group of like-minded people, with such diverse backgrounds yet focused on one common aim – supporting each other.

I love being self employed, but what you don’t always appreciate is how lonely it can be. I join the online discussions (I’m based in Scotland, so they’re a fabulous way of getting involved without the need to travel!).

If, like me, you’re teetering on the edge of all Sharon offers, jump in! I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

Jane Rennie

Pay MONTHLY - only £47 + VAT (£56.40) per month

Pay ANNUALLY - only £497 + VAT (£596.40) per year (save £80!)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Trainer Talk membership?

Membership costs £47 + VAT / month or £497 + VAT / year if you opt to pay annually (a saving of £80!).

I'm new in business. Does that matter?

Not a bit and in some ways, you’re in the best position possible! We recommend you start by going through the 30 Days To Create And Grow Your Training Business. This mini-course will give you a solid foundation on which to build a great business.

How do I participate?

Regularly interact with the community in our private Facebook Group through comments and posting.

Come along to the regular online Business Clinic and Spotlight sessions.

Volunteer to lead a Spotlight session showcasing your expertise.

Give us your details for the Top Trainer Profiles page.

Attend Trainer Talk Live.

Look through and consume the resources in the member hub.

Take part in the ad hoc challenges Sharon organises.

Let us know who you are, what you do and what you need!

I've had a business for a while. Is it for me?

Most definitely – as long as you’re the sort of person who recognises that new opportunities don’t care how long you’ve had your business, only that you’re open to them 😉

We have members who’ve been in business for nearly three decades, still getting huge benefits from being in the community.

Sharon is a big believer in life-long learning and challenges herself to learn something new every year. She always shares the results of what she’s learning and can’t wait to hear what you’re learning too!

Do I have to go to live events?

Not if you don’t want to! There are two Trainer Talk Live events held virtually every year (March and December), and the two-day in-person event is in September. You can choose to only attend the virtual events if you want to.

I'm not sure. Can I talk to someone?

Of course! Feel free to email our Community Leader Sharon Gaskin on: sharon@thetrainerstrainingcompany.co.uk

The Full Detail: What You Get

How To Launch And Grow Your Training Business in 30 Days

Complementary access to this highly respected mini-course of daily videos of practical and actionable steps to get your business off to a flying start. Already established? Use the programme to make sure there are no gaps in your strategy, marketing and systems! Includes the E-Book accompanying the course.

Value: £197 + VAT

Monthly Online Business Clinics

Bring along your challenges, questions, ideas or simply a cup of your favourite brew. These monthly sessions provide an unrivalled opportunity to ask absolutely anything you like about working in or on your business. It’s a safe space where no question is too small and no obstacle is too big. You’ll leave with a load of advice and inspiration that makes it feel like this is worth the membership fee alone!

Value: £1,497 + VAT (if this seems implausible, consider how much you would pay for 12 x 20 mins of coaching led by someone with Sharon’s credentials. This benefit is an absolute steal.)

Private Member Only Facebook Group

This is where the heart of the community lives, sharing plans, stories, frustrations, celebrations, swapping ideas and insights and posting opportunities for each other. You won’t be able to find a community like this anywhere else on the internet.  

Value: at least 5x what you put in

Spotlight Sessions

At least monthly, these Spotlights provide specific training on relevant tools, techniques and topics for today’s freelance trainer. Led equally by members and external speakers, the Spotlights have enabled members to take advantage of market changes (such as training in virtual delivery at the beginning of the pandemic) and business planning tools that ensure lifelong learning is a reality, not just an aspiration.

Value: £1,497 + VAT

Member Resources Hub

With 35+ trainings and counting, this is where you’ll find all the previous Spotlight sessions, all the recordings of Trainer Talk Live speakers and the Business Clinic replays.

From marketing to mindset, delivery to data protection, it’s all here for the curious.

Value: £997 + VAT

Trainer Talk Live (2 x virtual and 1 x in-person events every year)

The event that started it all. A unique gathering of freelance trainers, united in a desire to connect, swap stories, advice and inspiration, listen and learn to fabulous speakers and feel part of a community that know, like and trust each other. It’s been compared to attending a work gathering with people you actually want to spend time with!

Value: £397 + VAT

Become An Affiliate

Earn money back by being a Trainer Talk member! For every new member you introduce, you can earn 30% commission on their membership fee. If someone pays annually, that’s 30% every year or 30% every month for as long as you’re both members.

Value: 30% of current membership rate per member introduced by you

Total Value: (at minimum) £4,579 + VAT

Pay MONTHLY - only £47 + VAT (£56.40) per month

Pay ANNUALLY - only £497 + VAT (£596.40) per year (save £80!)

Trainer Talk Membership is without doubt the best space available for freelance trainers to grow their training business. We are confident that if you interact with the community with a giving frame of mind, you will definitely get out far more than you invest.

However, we understand that life presents challenges sometimes that can make it seem like you are unable to develop your business or be available for opportunties.

If that’s the case for you, you can rest assured that you can pause or even cancel your membership at any time and we will ensure that your payments reflect your wishes. If you have paid annually and decide to pause or cancel before the full year is up, we will refund the amount paid minus the amount you would have paid through being a monthly member.

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