Transform Mastermind

12 months to transform your business

Guidance, challenge, accountability and more

Are you running your business?

Or is your business running you?


Ever feel like you know where you want to get to, just not how to get there?

Maybe you’ve got big plans, but somehow never find the time to put them into action?

Perhaps you’ve forgotten the last time you were able to take a spontaneous day off from your business simply because you felt like it (and knowing that it wouldn’t have any impact on your earnings at all).

Here’s what you COULD do:


Poor choice 1

Continue to struggle alone, second-guessing every choice, constantly running out of time and space to get everything done. Working ON your business becomes a distant memory.


Poor choice 2

Sign up to the latest ‘magic bullet’ training from someone you’ve barely heard of. Put time in your diary to catch up with all the content (wow there’s a lot). Miss your first couple of planned sessions. Give up.


Poor choice 3

Outsource your marketing – YES! Get someone to do all that stuff for you because that’ll be easier. Run out of time to find the right person, so pick the first one you like the look of. Spend a lot of money with no return. 

Here’s what you SHOULD do:

Sign up to join the Transform Mastermind – get guidance, support, accountability and the right challenges at the right time to bring your business back under YOUR control and turning a profit on YOUR terms.

Five reasons why you should be in the Transform Mastermind:


A mastermind provides a safe space to be challenged around your current thinking and business habits. If you want to achieve things you’ve never achieved before, you’ll need to do things you’ve never done before. The Transform Mastermind helps you work out the ‘what’ and ‘when’.


Everyone gets a touch of Impostor Syndrome every now and again (and anyone who says they don’t is lying). But this is so much more than just dealing with that. This is about gaining the confidence to charge what you’re worth, to set and stick to your new, better boundaries.


Maybe you already know what you ‘should’ be doing and need help working out the ‘how’. Or maybe you’re not sure if what you’re doing already is what you really want. Perhaps there are some niggling doubts that won’t quit? Whatever you need, you’ll get it here.


Everyone joins for the results and stays for the community – and it’s a great sign that there are only a few places available to join Transform. The community is where you forge lasting connections, find like-minded people and know that whatever happens, they’ve got your back.


The quickest way to accelerate your reach is through connection with others. They’ll know your journey, but more importantly they’ll know, like and trust you. That means when they hear of an opportunity that’s perfect for you, they’ll make sure you’re recommended in pole position.

What Is The Transform Mastermind?

24 opportunities to grow your business … 

Every month over 12 months you get a day-long development session with your fellow ‘transformers’, where you get to ‘Hotseat’ and work on your goals. This is where we’ll get to the very heart of what’s going in your business and identify what’s holding you back from getting to where you want to be. You’ll be safely supported and gently challenged to take action. I promise!

But that’s not all: every month you also get a 90 minute group accountability session AND you get to hang out in a private Facebook group so you can ask questions, offer perspectives and feel supported throughout your Transform experience.

Even more than that! You also get access to Full membership of Trainer Talk for as long as you’re part of the Transform Mastermind.

The Transform Mastermind is brought to you by:

I’m Sharon Gaskin, the founder of The Trainers Training Company, which has now become the premier resource for freelance trainers who want to create and grow successful and profitable training businesses.

After a 13 year successful corporate training career I took the plunge and went freelance in 2001. In my early days as a freelance trainer, I found things incredibly hard. I hated the whole idea of marketing and selling, the constant pressure of trying to get work and the uncertainty of knowing if I would get any money from 1 month to the next. I got disillusioned with going to networking events that didn’t get me anywhere. I used to despair about how I would ever get corporate clients and breakaway from low value associate work.

More than anything else, I felt lonely! There was no-one else in my network doing what I was doing and definitely no resources to help me get it right. So – being someone who likes to take action when they feel stuck – I decided to set up The Trainers Training Company to help other trainers avoid the mistakes I made. And to have somewhere to go where they knew there would be a friendly face and the opportunity to chat through challenges with people who ‘get it’.

I didn’t know it then, but this decision would change my life. I now have the privilege of running a community of incredible trainers and training business owners, who offer support, advice, guidance and compassion to each other – freely and willingly! Throughout the course of building this community, I’ve also continued to invest in my personal development – so I’m able to bring the very best out in myself and those I work with. When you work with me, you get to take advantage of my learnings from the investments I’ve made too!

My role is to support, guide and challenge you to develop and grow your business to be successful and profitable.

Since starting The Trainers Training Company many years ago I have trained and mentored hundreds of freelance trainers and helped them to start or turn their training businesses around.

Here’s what past and present ‘transformers’ have to say:

Fast forward to what you want to see:

00:07: Q1 Who are you and what do you do?

02:32: Q2 Why did you join Transform?

08:42: Q3 What’s been your biggest take-out from the programme?

16:04: Q4 Complete this sentence: “You should join Transform if …”


Email Sharon today to set up a no-strings chat to see if the Transform Mastermind is right for YOU.

It’s time to take ACTION!

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