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Marketing your training business is a must if you want new clients. But you also need to know about pricing, pitching, managing your admin, putting the right systems in place, finding opportunities, and so much more to grow your amazing business.

With so much to learn (and so little time), it can feel super stressful. But it doesn’t have to!

Imagine how much easier running your business would be if you knew what to do, when, why, and – most importantly – HOW? 

And as well as advice from a coach who works exclusively with trainers, how brilliant would it be to chat with other freelance trainers to brainstorm ideas and share experiences (all from the comfort of your own home)?

This amazing mix of resources, training, and lived experience is here!

I created Trainer Talk for busy, passionate, and ambitious freelance trainers so that you can build a successful training business on your own terms (while avoiding all the common mistakes that usually trip people up)

“Choosing to be part of the Trainer Talk community has been the best decision I have made for myself as a trainer and for my business. I started my training business after 12 years in the corporate environment and, from being in an office with colleagues and knowing what I was supposed to do, I realised I had no idea how to tackle my new endeavour and I had no support community. Trainer Talk has brought both: an amazing and knowledgeable community, ready to help, share experiences and support me, as well as several events, trainings and masterclasses available to help me up my knowledge and skills to not only do ok in the business, but to actually thrive! Best decision ever!”
Magda Tabac, Communication & Stress Management trainer
Magda Tabac
Mind Training
"Through Brexit, COVID, lockdowns and the move towards a more online world, Trainer Talk has helped me focus, not to feel as though I'm "on my own" and ensured I'm now in a stronger position personally and financially. What's more, I know that I have a great team that have "got my back" whatever the next challenge may be.

Whilst the amount of work that I now have has meant that I'm slightly less active in the private group than I used to be, my annual subscription to Trainer Talk is one of the first investments plugged into my annual forecast each year.

Would I recommend Trainer Talk to anyone in the training and coaching sector? Absolutely! I wish I'd been aware of it at the start of my journey into self-employment."
"Joining Trainer Talk was a step change to my training business. Sharon’s wonderful community and associated events have turned me from trainer to CEO of a training business. It is still just me but the mindset shift has been enormous. The community never fails to offer help and advice and in such a friendly way. I have learnt so much about running my own business but have also made friends for life. Trainer Talk is definitely the best business investment I have made."
“I joined Trainer Talk in 2019 when I wanted to transition away from my part-time L&D role and focus on growing my training business. I had worked for myself full-time before and that experience taught me that I needed a supportive community around. One filled with people who ‘get it’, who will be there on the journey giving virtual high fives and hugs along the way. Trainer Talk is this and so much more. The experience and knowledge within the community is amazing only surpassed by the generosity of the members to willingly share. One of the best investments I make in my business each year and I wouldn’t be without it.”
"I absolutely love it, the sense of community in the private group, support from fellow members, the opportunity to learn from the massive portfolio of online learning where sessions are hosted and above all the chance to attend clinics to discuss challenges.
If you’re a freelance trainer or coach, I can’t recommend this community highly enough."

What is Trainer Talk?

Trainer Talk is a membership group and community exclusively for freelance trainers and training business owners just like you. The moment you join, you get instant access to:

An Amazing community of trainers

A private online group where you can exchange ideas with other freelance trainers, celebrate and rant whenever you need to (even at the same time!). Members are always telling me how much time they save by being able to ask questions and tap into the huge knowledge pool of the group.

Trainer Talk is primarily hosted on Mighty Networks but also has a LinkedIn group for convenience. These spaces are the heart of the Trainer Talk community. You won't find a space like this for trainers anywhere else on the Internet - it's a place of support, collaborations, referrals and friendship.

Monthly online business clinics

Bring along your challenges, questions, ideas or simply a cup of your favourite brew. These monthly sessions provide an unrivalled opportunity to ask absolutely anything you like about working in or on your business. It’s a safe space where no question is too small and no obstacle is too big. You’ll leave with a load of advice and inspiration that makes it feel like this is worth the membership fee alone!

Spotlight sessions

Held at least once a month, our Spotlight Sessions provide training on relevant tools, techniques and topics for today’s freelance trainer. Led equally by members and external speakers, the Spotlights have enabled members to take advantage of market changes (such as training in virtual delivery at the beginning of the pandemic) and business planning tools that ensure lifelong learning is a reality, not just an aspiration.

Expert Corner

New for 2024! I am thrilled to be adding Expert Corner to the Trainer Talk calendar. Learn from the best with sessions that give you the opportunity to take an in-depth dive into different aspects of running a training business. Our Expert Corner sessions include training, conversations, Q&A sessions, and more - whatever format the expert running the session prefers.

Friday Vibes

Friday Vibes is a regular weekly session that offers a safe space for you to share your successes, celebrations, learnings and challenges for the week. You might want to tell us about a lovely new client, things ticked off your to-do list, or something brave you've done. On the other hand, if you're feeling a bit "meh" or you've lost your mojo, we'll listen and give you support.

Friday vibes runs from 11am to midday on Zoom (unless there's a Clinic or Spotlight scheduled for that day) and is the live version of our regular Friday thread in the Mighty Networks and LinkedIn groups. Come along with a cuppa!

ticket discount to Trainer Talk Local or Live events

There are a number of Trainer Talk Local events around the UK throughout the year. These are small in-person sessions where you have a chance to meet other trainers and take part in some fantastic sessions about different aspects of life as a training business owner. As a Trainer Talk member, you'll be among the first to hear about any live events, whether local, national or virtual. You also get a members-only 30% discount on ticket prices.

Top Trainer Profile

When you join Trainer Talk, you can claim your Top Trainer Profile. This is a dedicated page on The Trainers Training Company website featuring links to your main contact information (website, email address, and LinkedIn profile) and details about your training services.

All entries are searchable by people looking for trainers with particular skills and knowledge. Your profile can also be indexed by Google, giving you a new opportunity to show up in Google Searches (web pages from The Trainers Training Company appeared in over one million searches last year!). Your profile is shareable on social media too.

And as if that's not enough,
there are even more reasons to join Trainer Talk!

your questions Answered

I make sure you have opportunities throughout each month to ask me questions but you're also free to seek advice from your fellow trainers at any time. Whatever burning issue you have on your mind, you can get live responses from people who just get it and can offer advice based on lived experience.

More training Opportunities & Collaborations

Trainer Talk members frequently support each other by making referrals not advertised elsewhere, collaborating and working together to deliver large-scale contracts. Members get to know, like, and trust each other, which means it feels right and natural to refer each other where they can.

Better pay & better clients

Through Trainer Talk, I actively help you to understand how to calculate and charge what you’re worth and not accept unfair limitations on your business. This means you'll develop confidence in your fees, as well as knowing that you can work with clients who make you feel valued.

More Advice & Resources

In the Trainer Talk resource hub, you'll find recordings of past Spotlight Sessions, Business Clinics, and additional training about running a business. I am constantly reviewing and updating these resources based on member feedback to ensure that you get the best possible value and current advice.

A place to belong

Trainer Talk is a safe place to share the highs and lows of being a freelance trainer. Having the whole Trainer Talk community behind you is like an injection of super-charged courage and conviction!

Trainer Talk is your one-stop shop for business growth

Having a community behind you is so important when you’re self-employed. It gives you a sense of belonging, of being understood and knowing that you’re not alone. 

This is what Trainer Talk is all about. It’s a fun, friendly, vibrant online and in-person community exclusively made up of trainers. Every member ‘gets it’. They know what it’s like to look for training contracts, to pitch for work, to wrestle with what to charge, to juggle training with admin or outsourcing, and so much more.

Far from being competitive with one another, Trainer Talk members act as collaborators, supporters, the most enthusiastic cheerleaders… and we’d love you to become a part of our brilliant community.

Hey There, I'm Sharon Gaskin and I Can't Wait To Help You...

When I became a freelance trainer in 2001, I was lonely. I’d been a corporate trainer for 13 years and missed having colleagues to chat with about work. Worse still, I was suddenly having to run a business for the first time without anyone to act as a sounding board.

I attended networking event after networking event, but nothing felt like the right fit because I always seemed to be the only trainer in the room.

Unable to find the community I needed, I vowed to create it. Trainer Talk was born.

I’m so proud of what Trainer Talk has become. Every day, I see people supporting each other, offering advice, collaborating and making recommendations. I’ve poured my heart and soul into Trainer Talk. Members have access to training resource hub created from my extensive experience as a corporate trainer, freelance trainer, and someone who has coached hundreds of trainers since 2009. 

The Trainer Talk community is everything I ever wished it could be and more. I’d love for you to join us.

Here's what people Are Saying About Trainer Talk

"I’ve been a member of Trainer Talk for over 10 years. I’m often asked why a business owner of 30 years would still continue to be a member of a Trainer network. The answer is easy. Trainer Talk has been instrumental in getting me to where I am now and more importantly keeping me there. Whether my business is struggling or growing, Trainer Talk is the glue that keeps it together.

The membership is focused on being part of a Trainer network who focus on helping fellow Independent and freelance trainers grow, support, collaborate and gain more knowledge whilst running their businesses. It’s the ONE thing I’d recommend any independent trainer have on their to do list to join.

Imagine having someone you can share your joys and fears with, without being judged. Members range from individuals who have just gone independent, been in business for a short time, 8 years and 10+ years in business. The knowledge base of these trainers is VAST, which means you are never short of getting help in any area of your business, knowing that the information shared is coming from a good place.

It’s a unique and friendly community consisting of a group of individuals who not only want to listen but want to see you succeed as well."

"Sharon has created a brilliant community for trainers with many facets to the service. So far I have experienced the following:

1. The Opportunity Alert Service - lots of work off the back of this with good quality clients!
2. Sharon facilitates a collaborative group on the Mighty Network platform where members share tips, struggles, successes - a great place to be and I have made lots of connections and achieved a career goal of contributing to industry relevant publication through one of the member's PR services
3. Sharon sends out a very informative email sharing her top business tips and showcasing what members of the group are up to

A service I highly recommend to my peers and thank you Sharon for everything you do for us - I have lots more to explore and to take part in, but have loved and greatly benefitted from what I have done so far."
"Ah, Trainer Talk – just those two words together brings a smile to my face. Trainer Talk to me means having a supportive team of generous L&D business owners available, right there when I need them. They are like an extension of my business, giving me a nudge forwards, answering my questions, sharing their experiences and wisdom, celebrating when something great happens for me or offering to chat through things if I want. The Trainer Talk community is wonderful and I would recommend it to any freelance trainer, coach or consultant every day of the week!"
"I have been a member of Trainer Talk since 2015 and, for me, it is an integral part of how I operate. It is a wonderful, warm, supportive community of freelance trainers that supplies a huge amount of support resources for free.

If you have anything you want to learn about as a freelance trainer – how to generate sales, learn tech, how to market – there is a vast array of both pre-recorded content and real life experienced trainers in the group. If you have a question – you will find someone to give you a useful sensible answer. It is all about support and encouragement.

There is a regular business clinic where you can bring your business concerns. There is a Mighty Network group that will offer kindness and an encouraging ear on the rainy days and will cheerlead for you on the victory days. There is also the quarterly Trainer Talk Live days where you can meet with other freelance trainers in person and there might be a Trainer Talk Local in your area – which would give you a chance to meet up and network with other trainers.

I can’t imagine my business life without Trainer Talk – that’s what it means to me."

“Since joining Trainer Talk, I’ve increased my annual turnover by 330%. I wouldn’t still be in business if it wasn’t for the advice, support and opportunities in this community.”

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Trainer Talk FAQs

Not a bit and in some ways, you’re in the best position possible because you’ve got a clean slate to start from! Many of the resources in the Trainer Talk hub will help you get your new training business off the ground successfully. You’ll also have the collective wisdom of the Trainer Talk community supporting you. 

You may also find it useful to do the How to Launch a Training Business in 30 Days course. This is a step-by-step blueprint to launching a training business.

  • Regularly interact with the community in our private group on Mighty Networks and LinkedIn through comments and posting.
  • Come along to the regular online Business Clinic and Spotlight sessions (all delivered virtually).
  • Volunteer to lead a Spotlight session showcasing your expertise.
  • Give us your details for the Top Trainer Profiles directory.
  • Look through and consume the resources in the member hub.
  • Attend Trainer Talk Locals in your area.
  • Let us know who you are, what you do and what you need!

Most definitely – as long as you’re the sort of person who recognises that new opportunities don’t care how long you’ve had your business, only that you’re open to them 😉

We have members who’ve been in business for nearly three decades, still getting huge benefits from being in the community.

Sharon is a big believer in life-long learning and challenges herself to learn something new every year. She always shares the results of what she’s learning and can’t wait to hear what you’re learning too!

Of course! Feel free to email me – Sharon Gaskin – on:


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