Trainer Talk Local

Local mini-mastermind sessions just for freelance trainers

Trainer Talk Locals are currently virtual events, but we’re keeping an eye on local restrictions!

Connect with other local freelance trainers

Share business challenges and experiences

Swap advice and opportunities

Be part of a vibrant and supportive community

Get help and support to grow your business

Hi I’m Sharon Gaskin

If you would love to connect and collaborate with other trainers in your local area, then Trainer Talk Local is for you!

My name is Sharon Gaskin and I’m the Founder of The Trainers Training Company, the premier resource to help freelance trainers create successful and profitable training businesses. Having run my own training business for 10 years prior to founding The Trainers Training Company, I know exactly what it’s like to experience that feeling of being on your own.

Yes, there are plenty of networking events you can go to but generally they are full of people from a variety of businesses, they can sometimes be intimidating and you may also sometimes feel an obligation to say everything is wonderful when it’s not!

Since 2010 I have built up Trainer Talk and Trainer Talk Live – an exceptional event for trainers that runs four times a year in the Midlands. Time and again trainers tell me how much they love this event and the feeling of connection and community they get from being with other trainers. But with capacity limited to 50 attendees, I wanted a way to spread the benefits of the amazing Trainer Talk community even further.

Trainer Talk Local provides quarterly events in various places around the UK and Ireland, designed to offer specific networking with like-minded people – people who just get what it’s like to be a freelance trainer – along with fantastic support and opportunities to share challenges and wins (and a cuppa!) in a safe, friendly environment.

Find your nearest Trainer Talk Local below and click to find out more about your Trainer Talk Local Leader and how you can book your spot at the next event!


Who is Trainer Talk Local for?

Freelance and Independent trainers – whether you are just starting out, have many years under your belt, or somewhere in between!

Do I have to be a Trainer Talk member?

You don’t, but you will pay the most to attend as a non-member.

Please note that having a subscription to the Associate Alert Service is not Trainer Talk membership.

How many people will be there?

Around ten people at each one would be a good guess, but numbers can vary in each location and have varied a lot with the virtual ones.

How long does it last?

Between 2 to 2.5 hours, depending on the number of people there and the topics being discussed! There is normally an opportunity for a discussion on a main topic, followed by anyone’s particular challenges or questions they’d like to get advice on and then finally an opportunity for any non or new members to have a virtual look around the membership hub to see what Trainer Talk membership is all about.

Can I go to one that isn't Local to me?

Of course! Just follow the location below and book as you would for one closest to you. When your Local Leader gets in touch, it’s worth mentioning this to them, in case there are local logistical factors to be aware of (not applicable for virtual events of course!).

How much is it?

For Full Trainer Talk Members the cost is £10 + VAT. For Trainer Talk Online Members, the cost is £20 + VAT. For non-members the cost is £30 + VAT. Associate Alert Subscribers should book at the non-member rate.

NB: Currently we are running these for HALF PRICE to reflect the lower costs of providing a virtual meet up during Covid-restrictions.

How do I book?

Simply click on your preferred location below and book using your credit or debit card or read a bit more about each Local and then book!


Galway and Dublin

Local Leader: Anne Walsh

Next event: 10th Sept (Dublin)

North West

Local Leader: Sheridan Webb

Next event: 8th Nov


Local Leader: Sam Warner

Next event: 29th Oct

East Midlands

Local Leader: Karen Cureton

Next event: 3rd Sept


Local Leader: Neil Shorney

Next event: 15th Oct


Local Leader: Ginette Tessier

Next event: 22nd Oct

Click on your local (or preferred) location either side of the map to see more information!


Local Leader: Jane Rennie

Next event: 29th Oct


Local Leader: Natalie Houlton

Next event: 17th Nov

East Anglia

Local Leader: Jackie Clifford

Next event: 3rd Sept


Local Leader: Terry Pearce

Next event: 22nd Oct


Local Leader: Louise Wiles

Next event: 1st Oct

Format of the Locals

The start times vary depending on the location and the length is usually 2 to 2.5 hours, but the general format is:

15 mins introductions

45 mins-1 hour main topic discussion or presentation

30-45 mins ‘clinic’ session (where everyone has the opportunity to bring along a challenge or question to get group advice on)

10-30 mins wrap up where the Trainer Talk member hub is also demonstrated for anyone who wants to have a look around

Depending of course on attendees and agreed discussion topics, this can be quite a fluid agenda!


Won't be long!

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