First Trainer Talk Local Manchester enjoys successful launch

Pam Molyneux with the Trainer Talk Local Manchester attendees
Pam Molyneux - Trainer Talk Local Leader for Manchester

Trainer Talk Local in Manchester had a fantastic launch on Monday 4th March 2024.

We started the session with a round of drinks from Costa and a fun ice breaker activity. Everyone had shared a fact about
themselves previously, written on a small piece of paper. The attendees had to pick one at random and go find that person – each started a great conversation and offered a great way to explore the ‘person’ behind the business. We had an agreement,
what was shared in the training room stays in the training room!

Conversation starters at Trainer Talk Local Manchester

The technology gods were on our side overall, which is always helpful when you have interactive polls set up in your presentation. 🌞

The hot topic for our first Trainer Talk Local Manchester event

We explored what is Client Value Proposition (CVP) and why it’s important for your business, and captured a few word clouds with everyone’s ideas:

Word cloud one about client value proposition

In its simplest sense, the CVP is a simple statement that describes why a customer would choose your product or service, and it should focus on your customer’s challenge & how your company will solve such problems.

Word cloud about why a client value proposition is important to training businesses

A study undertaken by Scandiweb found that optimised value propositions can increase customer interaction rates on a website by 35% alone. 

CVP provides a clear direction for the Company, and factors in the overall business plan. It can help to build a strong customer base and provides an opportunity for better marketing strategies overall, such as email, social media and SEO efforts.

Attendees at Trainer Talk Local Manchester in small group session

We explored a few of the different techniques available in writing your CVP, from a simple “We help (X) do (Y) by doing (Z)” created by Steven Blank, Lean Startup Circle, and the Geoff Moore Method, which adds the element around ‘industry’ in, “For [target customer] who [needs or wants X], our [product/service] is [category of industry] that [benefits]”,  all the way through to the more detailed model provided by Peter J Thomson with the Digital Business Strategy.

We then had a go at applying this!  It was great to see the conversations around these techniques – the session saw those with established CVPs reviewing these with a fresh look, while those newer on their journey pulled their CVP together. I reminded everyone that the important element is to review the CVP periodically – in fact, annually is probably a good time when reviewing business objectives for the year. I encouraged the trainers to continue asking questions around ‘Does it still fit what you are doing?’, ‘Is it aligned with what you are working on this year?’, and ‘Does it align to your values still?’.

Your CVP graphic

We spent some time thinking about our current business challenges, which are captured below. It’s important now that we continue the conversation around this:

  • Winning new business
  • Conversions
  • Niching
  • Pricing
  • Balance between associate and direct work
  • Rollercoaster
  • Phases of business development vs delivery

A massive thank you to everyone who attended and for their participation. Thank you also to everyone from The Trainers Training Company community who has been cheering us on and helping make the event happen.

Last but not least, thanks for having us Trafford Centre!

We are back at the Trafford Centre in October for the next Trainer Talk Local Manchester, but don’t despair, we have other events before then spread across the country. You can read about them here or click on the button below to book.

Picture of About the author

About the author

Hi, I am Pam Molyneux, and I am your Trainer Talk Local Leader for Manchester.

I have spent 25 years in the arena of HR and people management, with 15 of those in the outsource arena, so I'm well versed in making it work for business owners and management teams and individuals.

Since setting up my business in March 2021, I have seen the power of and benefitted greatly from networking and building relationships in communities with like-minded professionals. So, when I found Trainer Talk in November 2022, I knew this was going to be a great place to learn, grow and build my business. I felt it important to have a Trainer Talk local to me and so became a Leader in September 2023.

I love to blog; listening and appearing on podcasts; and get out in nature for a good walk. Find out more about my business through my website or my LinkedIn profile.

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