A great question came up in one of my Mentoring sessions with a client last week.

‘Sharon, I’m using Twitter and I’m following 1000 people. This is fantastic BUT I’m feeling completely overwhelmed. I’m worried about adding new followers as I feel I can’t keep up with the ones I’ve already got. What do I do?’ 

The answer is to use Twitter Lists.

Lists are an easy way to organize your tweet stream so you only read the tweets you want to. This not only saves time and avoids overwhelm but it also means that you don’t miss out on tweets from people you really want to engage with and build a relationship with.

You can easily create a list from your Profile page on Twitter by clicking Lists in the left-hand box.

Once you have created your list, I would also recommend that you create a column in Tweetdeck or a stream in Hootsuite so that you will be able to see all your lists and list activity at a glance.

So what kind of lists should you create and how many? 

That’s really up to you, depending on your purpose for using Twitter and how many lists you feel you can manage.

I personally just have four. Top Trainers 1, 2 and 3 – these are lists of freelance trainers I want to engage with and Tennis! I stay up to date with everything that is happening in the tennis world – purely from that list.

Some other ideas for Twitter lists: 

– Professionals and key people in the training industry
– Key people in your specific sector, for example, professional services
– News in your specific sector, as above
– Key connections, people you want to build a good relationship with
– Blogs you follow
– Interests
– Events you attended

The list is endless! But try it and see what a difference it makes.

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