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Ginette Tessier

Join Sharon and Ginette (from Get That Course Online) as they chat about freelance life, deliver top tips for trainers, find interesting business events, cool tools to use online and catch you up on the latest dog-walking digest!

Podcast Ep34: May 17 2019

Resilience: How to get back into shape. If you’re wondering what Chumbawamba, BMW and a Facebook Live (with a facepack) have in common, it’s this week’s episode number 34 (which is also magic), and that’s just the Top of Mind Topic! In a first for Trainer Talk the Podcast, we have a guest on to talk about her experiences with resilience – you won’t want to miss Amanda Alexander’s stories. In other news, Tennis Talk the Podcast makes an appearance, Jem’s getting a haircut (if she ever gets off the chair), Sharon takes a big business step forward and Ginette still can’t tell you what the Secret Squirrel meetings are about, but we both love an unprompted testimonial.

Podcast Ep33: May 10 2019

Business Improvements: when is enough, enough? This week, as well as the fascinating facts about the number 33, Ginette regales us with her tales of Tough Mudder (it was indeed tough and muddy), a shocker on the dog walk and a cool tool for capturing our thoughts in mind bubbles. Sharon is still being tight-lipped about the secret-squirrel project, makes a pun that Anne would be proud of and brings us a book that has led her to a whole new learning opportunity. In Top of Mind we talk about whether there’s ever a finishing line in business. We also shamelessly canvas for votes in the British Podcasting Awards even though the idea of anyone actually listening to us is still a bit weird …

Podcast Ep32: May 3 2019

Ideas: Or how do you keep a good idea from fading away? In the ninth happy episode (that’s number 32 to non-mathematicians), we cover mindset, synchronicity and synergy; in our top of mind topic we talk about how to nurture ideas when you work alone – even though we’re very happy to no longer have trial by committee; Ginette gets dangerously close to a rant and we talk about whether Sharon had heavy wind … meaning the weather obviously (can’t believe you went there); Jem finally fell off the chair which was really rather hilarious and Sharon’s book of the week set off a bit of a woo-woo chain of events, while Ginette is let off lightly again as someone else finds a great tool for trainers.

Podcast Ep31: April 26 2019

Purpose (or What’s the point of social media these days?): in the 31st episode we get in-depth about social media and discuss whether we’re in the (as yet) undefined third age of the tool and what that means for our businesses; but it’s not all deep and meaningful (phew!) as we also talk about shilly-shallying, how many eureka moments have been lost to impatient dogs, whether it always rains in Wales, the trouble with (some) vegans and the Marvel infinity stones. And llama videos. Obviously.

Podcast Ep30: April 19 2019

Application: In our Easter episode, we discuss ‘proper’ tennis, Tough Mudder training, being more Tiger and why this is all linked to finding the learning in everything we do. Sharon is very decisive (except when she’s not) and Ginette gets to talk to some fun people. We resurrect @TrainerTalkPod and talk about how to stand out against 99,999 other trainers (which involves reading, trying and making sure people can’t see up your nose); it’s also revealed that even the UN comes to Sharon for trainers. In other news, Ginette’s forehead is a bit red and shiny at the moment, and Sharon catches the wildlife colluding on the Dog Walk. Just your average week really …

Podcast Ep29: April 12 2019

Assumptions: this week we may have only had half a week to talk about, but we crammed an awful lot into it, including a debacle, a dig and a decision that gurus don’t always know best; Sharon is a zesty-action-taker with recruiting a new member to Team Podcast and Ginette struggles with the clock-change but still swings those kettle bells about; we assume that we can cover something as complex as assumptions in business in our top of mind discussion slot and lose our way somewhat when getting sidetracked about Instagram; in the Dog-walking Digest it’s V.E.T. time, we banish excuse-itis with the Book of the Week, look forward to the next Trainer Talk Live and find a way to have lots of tabs open, without having lots of tabs open …

Podcast Ep28: April 5 2019

Action! In this week’s episode, everything is topsy-turvy and not just because of the clocks going forward. We record the day before publishing (the pressure!) and Sharon has clearly been abducted by aliens as her clone has been both sensible AND detailed with the long-awaited review of Mighty Networks. Ginette reflects on the success of her online course creation Bootcamp, and we chat about how taking action is the only way to see business success. In other news, we discuss why eating cake in Dorset is mandatory – even if you’re “just being polite” (yeah right) and how the book of the week sparked a zesty-action-taker into doing the do!

Podcast Ep27: March 29 2019

Attention: in the latest episode Sharon and Ginette talk about the M word (and the S word) and how we all do more of it than we think; we take a surprising look at productivity and also how you’re never too old to smash a limiting belief. Top of Mind this week is a dive into just why it might be that people don’t always give our communication their full attention – and how we as consumers are just as guilty! In the Dog-walking Digest, Sharon’s been distracted by lambs and Ginette brings us the latest on bike-rack-gate. Last but not least this week, there’s a squishy procrastination-buster to get hold of too!

Podcast Ep26: March 22 2019

Breaks: in our longest episode yet, we talk about our packed weeks with several highlights including someone taking us seriously enough to join up (yes really), a new handbag with a false first impression, a tennis honour and what it means to be differently relaxed. We discuss what taking a break from business really means and find out that Sharon doesn’t take holidays in case she never comes back and Ginette doesn’t take holidays because it’s not productive (this is why we’re definitely not role models). The Dog-walking Digest is a muddy affair with a bit of a white lie and we also cover why Tom Cruise should be your content strategist and how Mercury might have been having some technological fun …

Podcast Ep25: March 15 2019

Delegation: we’re a quarter century in and it’s time for a spring clean – but only when you get to speak to the right person! Sharon does her best to beat herself up, but Ginette’s the one who ends up apologising; we talk a lot about creating space to have time to enjoy your business, but do we self-sabotage the time we create? In the Dog-walking Digest, Jem has a little adventure and we discuss how Councils seem to spend a lot of money on dubious projects at this time of the year. There’s no event (tells us about yours!), but there is a HUGE book to read and a blog idea generator to use.

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