Join Sharon and Ginette (from Get That Course Online) as they chat about freelance life, deliver top tips for trainers, find interesting business events, cool tools to use online and catch you up on the latest dog-walking digest!

Podcast Ep25: March 15 2019

Delegation: we’re a quarter century in and it’s time for a spring clean – but only when you get to speak to the right person! Sharon does her best to beat herself up, but Ginette’s the one who ends up apologising; we talk a lot about creating space to have time to enjoy your business, but do we self-sabotage the time we create? In the Dog-walking Digest, Jem has a little adventure and we discuss how Councils seem to spend a lot of money on dubious projects at this time of the year. There’s no event (tells us about yours!), but there is a HUGE book to read and a blog idea generator to use.

Podcast Ep24: Mar 8 2019

Referrals: this week we reflect on why sitting in a room can be knackering even if you do have drugs … when something isn’t just good it’s gooood, Ginette arranges a surprise guest appearance at Trainer Talk Live to help celebrate ten years of The Trainers Training Company and we find out what Uncle Bulgaria’s got to do with it all. Our top of mind topic is all about referrals, which unsurprisingly leads us to talking about niches (again), before Sharon confesses to kicking even more varieties of wildlife out of the way on her dog walk. Last but not least, we got some fan mail!

Podcast Ep23: Mar 1 2019

Commitment: In this episode we can confirm that Sharon looks like her photos and never misses an opportunity to remind someone about an action they promised to take … in other news, The Trainers Training Company and Trainer Talk have both had a website refresh from Ginette and are now showing off some pretty special new looks! We talk about the importance of first impressions, saying thank you, weekly newsletters, being consistent, trusting the process and taking a step back to consider the bigger picture. In this week’s shock news from the Dog Walk, Sharon gets kicked (yes really) by a random stranger and Ginette tests being flexible to the limit!

Podcast Ep22: Feb 22 2019

Reasons: In this week’s episode (sponsored by the word ‘Bonkers’), Sharon finds her meditative trance, new personal development opportunities and yet more wildlife – but also finds someone trying to be her, at least on LinkedIn! However every cloud and all that … Ginette meanwhile gets an unexpectedly pleasant customer service experience, an unexpected present and an unexpected shock that this is the SECOND time someone’s tried to steal Sharon’s work and identity! In other news we talk a lot about why we bother being freelance at all, giddiness at the upcoming first Trainer Talk Live of 2019 and how WTF is all about ‘characters’ …

Podcast Ep21: Feb 15 2019

Statistics: In the 21st ‘It’s THEIR stuff’ episode, we discuss life’s important topics such as stinky candles. Sharon almost takes firestarting a little too literally and then talks about spreadsheets (twice), before revealing that the explosion of wildlife might be less about Eau d’Gaskin and more about last summer’s heatwave. Ginette isn’t so sure she should’ve gone to a certain high street optician and fails miserably to predict which month is rubbish for sign ups. Happily we do talk quite a bit about something work-related – this week, we tackle whether stats really matter …

Podcast Ep20: Feb 8 2019

Politeness: In Episode 20 Sharon puts Ginette on the spot about the LinkedIn challenge before revealing that apparently falling asleep during meditation isn’t the done thing; Ginette has a bit of a rant about rude people and we discuss how to find the balance between helping people and being taken for granted! The white stuff makes it to Bournemouth but not Birmingham, but that doesn’t explain why Sharon’s having to kick the wildlife out of her way on the dog walk. Also this week, apparently all disciplines of science are basically the same thing …

Podcast Ep19: Feb 1 2019

Completion: It’s episode number na-na-na-na-nineteen, but all is well as Sharon’s feeling philosophical after the Aussie Open final and deluged with the response to her social media cull! This makes up for the slight mishap with meditation as we also celebrate that fact that done is better than perfect. Ginette gets a surprising result to her webinar experiment while dealing with scandal on the dog walk. We also talk about how to be a ninja in Birmingham and why you should definitely get captions on your videos.

Podcast Ep18: Jan 25 2019

Focus: 2019 is definitely up and running! This week we see how many clichés we can fit in to one podcast episode, while agreeing that Blue Monday is a load of old cobblers. Ginette has some new video-making toys and Sharon thinks the meditation is helping (although it could also be sleep deprivation). We’re both keeping all the plates spinning and trying to have quality interactions on social media. That said, Instagram is the spyware of choice to keep an eye on the family … Trainer Talk Live is happening again soon and the cool online tool will keep yer stuff proper, like. Innit.

Podcast Ep17: Jan 18 2019

Blogging: This week Sharon’s kept awake by Rafa, but what happens when he retires? Why the first is the worst (so get it over with) and how Sharon nearly became a random taxi service. Ginette gets a venue found for free for the Bootcamp and starts up a side-hustle because it’s not like she’s got much to do already … We’re fresh out of events so send us yours to promote (except apparently not to Twitter) and the cool tool helps us to stay on top of the latest linguistic trends – even though we’re seriously too old and don’t even know!

Podcast Ep 16: Jan 11 2019

Disconnecting: We’re back! In the first episode of 2019, we decide to keep it fairly light and gentle, before ignoring that completely and getting all deep and meaningful. Twice. We also talk about the benefits of tweaks versus resolutions, why Sharon officially doesn’t do detail and how to focus on what success looks like. Chocolate may be mentioned more than once and we ask ‘do dogs get bored?’. The big event is Ginette’s online course creation Bootcamp and the cool tool may be missing a letter, but you won’t miss out on publicising your blog with almost no effort at all – even if you do decide to have a complete break from all things social media.

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