As a trainer, you will likely have a range of different freelance trainer jobs booked, but these jobs will either come from; new clients or existing clients. Generally speaking, freelancers can spend a lot of time focusing their time and energy on getting new clients and booking first-time training sessions, however, this can mean that their existing clients are somewhat forgotten about.

Whilst there is no denying that new clients are important, existing clients are too and arguably, it’s your existing clients that have the ability to make you successful. To make sure that you’re retaining your training clients and encouraging them to book training sessions with you time and time again, you need to ensure that you’re actively showing them how much you value them. If you currently spend a lot of time focusing on new clients, below we have explored some of the main reasons why you should redirect some of this time to pleasing your existing clients.

Existing clients provide you with regular work

Simply put, when you’re a freelance trainer, your existing clients offer you stability and they will provide you with regular business that enables you to pay the bills. Without your existing clients, you would be faced with a lot of uncertainty and there would be no guarantee that you would have any training sessions booked for the upcoming months.

To ensure that your existing clients continue to provide you with the regular work that you rely so heavily upon, you need to ensure that they know just how important they are to you and your training business. Going the extra mile for your clients will encourage them to book training sessions with you on a regular basis, providing you with the stability that you need.

Existing clients are easier to sell to

As you may well know, it is much easier to sell to an existing client as they trust you and know how beneficial your training sessions can be first-hand. So, when you’re looking for new work, your existing clients should be your first port of call and you have a brilliant opportunity to sell additional training to them in other areas that will still be beneficial to them.

Once you have worked with a client once, you will have a better understanding of their needs and how you can support them with their training programme too. Not only can you bring new quality training ideas to their attention, but you can also offer them flexibility with the sessions that you’re able to provide. This will encourage them to do more business with you.

Existing clients will recommend your training

The more you work with your clients and the happier they are with your training sessions, the more likely they are to recommend your training business to other organisations. Word-of-mouth marketing can be incredibly effective and many organisations would prefer to book a freelancer trainer that they have heard positive things about as it is much less risky for them.

When you retain your existing clients and continue to provide them with the high-quality training session that they need, there are lots of different ways that you can encourage them to leave your training business feedback or tell others about your sessions. This can go on to have a really positive effect on your reputation moving forward.

Existing clients are more affordable

Generally speaking, every client that you work with will have cost you money somewhere down the line and your existing clients will be much less expensive to your training business. The amount of money it costs you to acquire new clients is considerably more than it costs you to retain existing clients, so it is the most cost-effective option for you.

You will likely find that when your diary is full of bookings from existing clients and the organisations they have recommended you to, you won’t need to spend as much on marketing and advertising. This will go on to make a big difference to your overall profitability.

Retaining your training clients

Ultimately, there is no denying that it is incredibly important to ensure that you’re doing all you can to keep your existing clients happy and that you’re committed to meeting their training needs. Not all of the freelance trainer jobs that you book will be with new clients and in order to ensure that your diary isn’t empty, you need to find the right balance between attracting new clients and retaining existing ones.

If you’re keen to grow your training business and you’re looking for some advice and guidance when doing so, take a look at the rest of The Trainers Training Company website. The resources and training programmes on our website are designed to help freelancers create successful, profitable and future-fit training businesses, and we even offer one-to-one mentoring to help trainers overcome some of the issues freelancing brings. We can also help when you’re looking for work too, so be sure to take advantage of everything that we have to offer.

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