The Complete Trainer

How to go from ‘trainer’ to Training Business Owner

Create a sustainable, profitable and fun business that gets you off the feast and famine rollercoaster even if you don’t have any direct clients yet!

Are you ready for more?

More freedom to choose your clients, your working hours, your rates?

But where do you start?

Here’s what you COULD do:


Poor choice 1

Trawl YouTube for generic information about growing a business, without knowing if the strategies are suitable for a TRAINING business until it’s too late …


Poor choice 2

Join a whole raft of free Facebook groups to cover Marketing, Mindset, Online Training, Finance, Outsourcing and Systems – only to find the questions you have get well-meaning but ill-informed ‘hearsay’ answers (if they get answered at all) …


Poor choice 3

Turn up for endless hours of online webinars from people you’ve only just heard of who promise to give you everything you need in 45 minutes only to get 5 minutes of semi-useful stuff and 40 minutes of pitching …

Here’s what you SHOULD do:

Sign up for the next round of The Complete Trainer – the ONLY programme designed by trainers for trainers, who guarantee they know what they’re talking about, they’ll share it all (and more) with you AND answer all your questions with real, honest and lived advice!

Five reasons why NOW is the best time to set up your business, your way, for your best future:


of organisations plan to make remote working a permanent policy, which will impact the training they want to provide



to convince organisations of the merits of a blended learning programme – as long as you have all three skill sets* to provide one!

*face-to-face, virtual live training and online courses.


of learning leaders believe using more than one modality of learning is crucial for effective training



If you’ve read this far, then it’s safe to assume having a better business model is something that you’ve at least been thinking about!

So what do you need to have to take the next step?


of learners want training solutions that fit around their work commitments, rather than taking hours or days out of their working week. Do YOU know how to deliver that?

Source: GoVerb

What Is The Complete Trainer?

A rolling cycle of modular training delivered via live webinar, video, audio and downloadables.

The programme runs over a period of 12 weeks, with new training every week covering:

  • Marketing:

    consistently win new and repeat business, even if marketing leaves you cold

  • Delivery:

    provide a full service with confidence, even if you can’t stand the camera

  • Mindset:

    manage yourself for success, even if it feels like a mental mountain to climb

  • Numbers:

    create and sustain a profitable business, even if spreadsheets scare you

  • Support:

    business growth to suit you, even if you usually go it alone

  • Systems:

    get the right things done, even if you’re not there


The core training includes video training and live AUA (Ask Us Anything) sessions, so you can get specific answers to all your questions. We also run a number of supplementary sessions too including ones on niching, websites, virtual live delivery and more.

The programme runs up to three times a year – and once you’re in, you’re in for life!

You get ‘Lifetime Access’ to the materials – all the recordings are always available to you.

You can participate in whatever way suits you and your current commitments – attend every live, catch them later, binge watch or spread it out – it’s completely flexible to your needs.

The Complete Trainer is brought to you by:

I’m Sharon Gaskin, I’m the founder of The Trainers Training Company which has now become the premier resource for freelance trainers who want to create and grow successful and profitable training businesses.

After a 13 year successful corporate training career I took the plunge and went freelance in 2001. In my early days as a freelance trainer, I found things incredibly hard. I hated the whole idea of marketing and selling, the constant pressure of trying to get work and the uncertainty of knowing if I would get any money from 1 month to the next. I got disillusioned with going to networking events that didn’t get me anywhere. I used to despair about how I would ever get corporate clients and breakaway from low value associate work.

Quite frankly – I was a good trainer but I didn’t know anything about running a training business. After a while I decided to put together a system that would help me turn my training business around. I wanted to breakaway from associate work and start getting my own corporate clients. I wanted to be able to get clients whenever I needed them. I wanted to create income streams that I could depend on.

Once I created my system, things changed. I started to enjoy marketing. I was able to get clients whenever I went to networking events. And my clients were willing to pay my fees, because they realized how much value they were getting by working with me! My system helped me build up a successful training business with clients such as Zurich, Huntswood, Europ Assistance and Lloyds.

You will learn my whole system for creating a successful training business during this programme.

Since starting The Trainers Training Company 11 years ago I have trained and mentored hundreds of freelance trainers and helped them to start or turn their training businesses around.

I’m Ginette Tessier, Online Business Alchemist and the founder of The Get That Gang: a suite of services for trainers and other subject matter experts who want to create a successful online-centred business.

After 20+ years in corporate life (where I was lucky enough to be supported in becoming a qualified trainer in addition to the day job) I took the plunge into freelance life following redundancy in late 2014.

I quickly fell in love with the possibilities and potential of online courses, but struggled to find anyone to learn from who focused on providing a great learner experience as the key reason for course creation. There were plenty of ‘get-rich-quick’ snake-oil sellers out there (still are)!

So I decided to thoroughly investigate what constitutes best practice in online course creation. I quickly found more and more trainers and other subject matter experts were turning to me for help in navigating the world of online courses. I was regularly fielding questions about the tech, the design, the delivery and of course marketing and sales.

In 2018, I decided to shift my business model to almost 100% online, and in addition to being an NLP Trainer and Master Coach, I’m also now a Certified Mater Persuader – one of only a handful globally certified to use the Persuasion Audit Tool.


You will learn everything you need to add effective and engaging online training to your business during this programme. We will build your online training together!

What you will get with this programme:

Tick Mark  Six linked and distinct modules of core training: Marketing, Delivery, Mindset, Numbers, Support and Systems

Tick Mark  What a sustainable training business looks like in the context of our current situation

Tick Mark How you can avoid the struggles and challenges that most freelance trainers come up against

Tick Mark The one thing you can do which will really get you excited about selling and marketing and spur you into action, immediately!

Tick Mark Specific techniques that will bring in a steady stream of clients

Tick Mark How to stop wasting time, money and energy on marketing methods that don’t produce results and start using the ones that do

Tick Mark A proven system for getting direct clients and corporate business

Tick Mark How to get clients to come to you – even in this market

Tick Mark How to use social media to build your profile and get known for what you do

Tick Mark Why it is vitally important to charge what you are worth if you want to have a sustainable business

Tick Mark Advice on how to work out what to charge so that you stay competitive without going broke

Tick Mark Advice on how to get paid what you are worth, every time

Tick Mark Understand the strengths of each type of training delivery that training business owners need

Tick Mark The best place to start when creating online training so you don’t waste time or effort going in the wrong direction

Tick Mark The specific recipe for creating online courses that means marketing and selling is easy to achieve

Tick Mark How to ensure you’re creating something people want in an online course

Tick Mark The exact tech you will need to create online courses – and how to not spend a fortune on things you don’t need

Tick Mark What the best options are for hosting your course – whether you are aiming at B2C or B2B

Tick Mark How to film your course even if you hate being on camera!

Tick Mark How to create a sustainable pricing strategy for your programmes and courses, whether they’re single or blended delivery

Tick Mark Advice on how to bash the common blockers that stop most online courses from seeing the light of day

Tick Mark How to successfully launch your course in a way that feels completely authentic for you

Tick Mark Advice on how to level up your courses for best engagement


When does the next programme start?

The next programme begins with modules released into the Facebook Group on September 5th and the first live session on September 16th.

How exactly does the programme work?

The training is delivered through videos and live sessions every week. 

We also run monthly Live Catch Up sessions on Zoom on (usually) the final Friday of the month, where you can ask us about any issue you are finding a challenge, plus check in with others on the programme.

As a delegate on The Complete Trainer, you are also invited into the Trainer Talk Members’ Facebook Group for the duration of the live rounds. You’ll get access to the weekly online business clinics and the opportunity to ask for the help of the wider Trainer Talk membership community about any aspect of running a training business.

After the live rounds are completed, you will have the opportunity to join Trainer Talk as a permanent member too at a preferential rate.

What happens when I've been through the six modules?

You go through them again! And again, and again … OK that might sound odd, but we know that business growth is a continuous and iterative process. The second and subsequent times you go through the material, you WILL find new discoveries and ways to grow your business.

What does the programme cover?

In short, everything we know about creating and growing a successful business! Sharon mainly covers the business side and Ginette mainly the online and tech, but we are both there to support you from the day you join – for life!

And when we say ‘life’ we mean that you have what’s commonly called ‘lifetime access’ to the materials. In online terms this is, as yet, not a fully tested concept, but for us, we mean for as long as we’re in business! We’ll keep running the programme for as long as it makes sense to (and after 2020, no-one’s going to be predicting future trends for a while) and it provides what people need.

Above all, we’re both in business to deliver useful content that brings real value to our clients. When we’re unable to do that anymore, then it’ll make sense to stop, but until then …

What's in the Marketing module?

Consistently win new and repeat business, even if marketing leaves you cold.

Learn to love marketing – yes really! Marketing doesn’t have to be hard or pushy – in fact that’s the last thing you’ll be learning.

Marketing is all about building relationships with people – and Sharon will teach you all the important elements to make it both easy and fun!

What's in the Delivery module?

Provide a full service with confidence, even if you can’t stand the camera.

A Complete Trainer is equally at home with all three methods of training delivery:

– face to face

– virtual live training

– online courses

In addition, they understand the strengths and weaknesses of each and which is right for different client requirements.

As a trainer, there’s a pretty good chance you’re already competent in a face to face setting. You might even know enough to get by in virtual live training, even if you haven’t yet created a pre-recorded online course.

But if you’re less than confident with any of the online aspects of training delivery, don’t worry! Ginette will take you through all you need to get up to speed and create engaging and effective online learning.

We’ll also go through how to integrate online into your business model, so that you can get the best of all worlds, to suit your training business dreams!

What's in the Mindset module?

Manage yourself for success, even if it feels like a mental mountain to climb.

Of all the modules, this is the one likely to bring the biggest leaps in your business growth – we can’t overstate how important it is!

From knowing your ‘why’ through to dealing with the ups and downs of business ownership, Sharon will deliver a guide based on her personal experience of growing a six-figure business.

You are the single biggest influence on the success of your business, so buckle up for a rollercoaster ride through limiting beliefs you might not even know are there just yet.

We promise it’s more than worth it! 

What's in the Numbers module?

Create and sustain a profitable business, even if spreadsheets scare you.

If you hide from the numbers, the numbers will hide from you …

Rather less cryptically, if you want to run a successful training business, you will know your numbers like the back of your hand – and relish the thought of knowing how to make them work harder for you.

This isn’t just about money in, money out – it’s about understanding which numbers are important, what you can do about them and how small changes can make big differences.

What's in the Support module?

Business growth to suit you, even if you usually go it alone.

One thing is certain – if you try to do everything yourself, you won’t have any time to deliver, let alone grow, your business!

In this module, Sharon takes you through her tried and tested methods for outsourcing and finding support including some of her experience in what does and doesn’t work when assembling your team.

This doesn’t have to be about taking on employees or associates (unless you want to of course), but it is about releasing your time for more of what you’re best at.

Ginette will also be lending support in this module talking about two important areas where you need support: websites and videos.

What's in the Systems module?

Get the right things done, even if you’re not there.

The quality of your systems will determine the quality of your business. If you’re all over the place with what you’re doing, guess what your business will look like?!

While you don’t have to Kondo or Feng Shui everything to within an inch, you do need to apply a little organisation to how things get done.

But when you’re off delivering, or ill, or on holiday or even asleep, you won’t be worrying about whether your business will still be there when you get back!

The Complete Trainer is based on the successful programme ‘How to Create a Future-Fit Training Business’ that Sharon and Ginette put together during Lockdown One (in turn based on their individual successful programmes run before 2020).

Here are some thoughts from trainers who participated in the first Future-Fit programme and have already successfully learnt from Sharon and Ginette:

Class of April 2020

Why did you sign up for the Future-Fit programme?

Class of April 2020

What did you get out of the Future-Fit programme?

Class of April 2020

What would you say to someone unsure about signing up for the next Future-Fit programme?

It’s not just a bunch of webinars:

In addition to the core training you receive on The Complete Trainer, you also get:


7 Bonuses That Deliver More Value Than You’ll Get Anywhere Else


Bonus No. 1

Access to all previous cohort training.

Six modules of core training replays covering Marketing, Delivery, Mindset, Numbers, Support and Systems. Access is dripped throughout your training period.

So what? So you can benefit from additional questions asked and answered for fellow Complete Trainers!


Value: £1,800

Bonus No. 2

Access to 7+ expert sessions

Richard Woods (former The Apprentice participant) on Marketing

Paul Harris on Niching

Susi Miller on Accessibility

Jamie Bright on Mindset

Emma Shaw on Mindset

Alex Hewlett on Finance

Angie Brown on Systems

So what? So you can take advantage of additional knowledge from recognised experts as well as your programme leaders.


Value: £1,800

Bonus No. 3

Live workshop trainings with Sharon and Ginette

Nail That Niche Masterclass: a foolproof workshop that will ensure you are clear on exactly what you do, who you do it for AND how to make sure you don’t feel hemmed in.

Money Mindset Masterclass: learn about the limiting beliefs that can hold you back from success and how to break the cycle and level up.

Persuasion Masterclass: as a Certified Master Persuader and Master Persuader Mentor, Ginette will take you through the key points to consider when it comes to selling your services and how to not get caught in the typical traps that hold us back from charging and getting what we’re worth.

Website Essentials Masterclass: discover how to turn your website from an asset that exists to an asset that assists – key points to be aware of and exactly what you can do to make this important tool work as hard as it can (and should!) for you.

So what? So you have additional knowledge and information that will help you become a Complete Trainer in record time!


Value: £1,800

Bonus No. 4

Business Clinics and Spotlight sessions in the Trainer Talk Member Only Facebook Group

Bring any question, challenge, curiousity or wondering to the business clinic sessions and access the advice and expertise of fellow trainers who have been there and done it. Get things right first time! Spotlight sessions deliver specific expertise (like the masterclasses above), which you can attend live.

So what? So you get to experience what it’s like to be in the Trainer Talk community as a full member for the duration of your programme (after which you are invited to join permanently)!


Value: £560+

Bonus No. 5

Immediate access to Foundations of a Successful Training Business modules

Mini trainings from Sharon and Ginette that are the vital pieces of the puzzle they wished they had when starting out:

– Characteristics of successful business owners

– Business beliefs

– Reasons you’re in business

– Your business audit

– The business pie

– Your business blueprint

– The biggest mistakes (and how to avoid them)

So what? So you can get straight into your learning stride with these bite-sized bonus trainings!


Value: £1,000

Bonus No. 6

1:1 Mentoring from Sharon and Ginette

During your cohort of The Complete Trainer, you get one free 60 minute mentoring session from Sharon and one free 60 minute mentoring session from Ginette to discuss whatever you like.

So what? So you can access bespoke, confidential training just for you!


Value: £600

Bonus No. 7

Confidence on Camera mini training

Being on camera isn’t just optional anymore, it’s imperative.

But if you haven’t yet embraced the power of video (or you have but feel like you could do with getting better!), then this bonus is just for you.

An online course from Ginette, delivered with her trademark humour, compassion, practicality and nursery rhymes … (you’ll see!)


Value: £200

That’s Seven Magnificent Bonuses worth £7,500 alone.

AND you also get:

Pop-Up Challenges and Activities

Every now and again, we will add in extra random pop-up challenges and activities for you to participate in (optional!). You will always be able to access these later if you can’t take part at the time (and we’ll be repeating the best ones!).

Weekly Live Catch Up/Q&A Sessions

We have also built weekly Live Catch Up/Q&A Sessions into the Programme. These will give you the opportunity to hop onto a live online meeting and discuss any of the topics we’re covering in more detail, especially as they relate to your own personal situation. 

Webinar Notes and Slides

You will have access to a transcription and slides from each Webinar. They are a written version of the classes and you will be able to use them to review all the strategies that we discuss to make sure you don’t miss anything out. 


Access to the Trainer Talk Private Facebook Group

The Trainer Talk Facebook community – is a great place to ask questions, get advice, share information, and get support. A great chance to get to know other people on the programme too and learn from the answers to their questions!

Plus of course the live training itself, where you get all your questions answered in real time.

With this programme you will:



Have a clear plan on the things you need to do to develop and grow your business, it’s easy when you know how!



You’ll have stopped worrying and overthinking and instead be ready to take ACTION!



By other people who face the same business challenges as you do and are willing to help you every step of the way – this includes us! 



Truly believe in yourself and your ability to make this happen and create the business you want!

Next Round:

We start the Lives again on September 16th (first modules released September 5th)!


5th: Foundation and Marketing Modules released

16th: Live #1 – Welcome session with how to get the best from the programme!

23rd: Live #2 – Marketing discussion. Mindset module released

26th: Niching Clinic bonus workshop

29/30th: Trainer Talk Live!


7th: Live #3 – Mindset discussion. Delivery module released

13th: Powerful Persuasion bonus workshop

14th: Live #4 – general catch up / Q&A session

21st: Live #5 – Delivery discussion. Numbers module released

28th: Live #6 – general catch up / Q&A session


4th: Live #7 – Numbers discussion. Systems module released

9th: Money Mindset bonus workshop

11th: Live #8 – general catch up / Q&A session

18th: Live #9 – Systems discussion. Support module released

24th: Website Essentials bonus workshop

25th: Live #10 – general catch up / Q&A session


1st: Live #11 – Support discussion

2nd: Trainer Talk Live!

9th: Live #12 – Final group call and Graduation!

Are you READY to take ACTION and LEVEL UP your training BUSINESS?

One great programme, THREE payment options

It’s time to take ACTION!

Our 100% Refund Guarantee

We’re confident that you will thrive with this training – that you’ll be more confident, more assured and more willing to charge (and get!) what you’re worth – in addition to stepping into the shoes of your deserved role of Training Business Owner.

But we also understand that sometimes life gets in the way of our best laid plans, so if that happens within 14 days after signing on the metaphorical dotted line, let us know and you’ll get a 100%, no questions refund, with our best wishes and an open invitation to sign up again as soon as you can.

Don’t forget though, this is a LIFETIME programme – pay for your round, but get access forever! So even if you can’t start as soon as you’d like, why not make the payment anyway and then join the next cohort (that way you’ll lock in this great price too).

Please note additional terms and conditions apply to payment plans which you can find here.

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