There is no denying that training and development in the workplace are incredibly important and all business owners should have an effective training program in place for their employees. This training program won’t just give employees the skills they need to do their job properly, but it will also enable them to enhance their skill set and knowledge base too which can aid your business in a number of different ways. 

Thankfully, implementing a new training program doesn’t have to be difficult and no matter what your individual business goals may be for your employees’ training, you can ensure that you’re creating a suitable training plan. To help anyone who is completely new to training programs and is wondering where to even start in this regard, below is a really simple checklist for developing a training program. 

Establish your overall goal 

The main reason why businesses provide training is to support a business goal. So, you need to decide why you’re going to provide training and what you’re wanting to get out of the program. Whether this is increased revenue, better customer service, improved efficiency, complying with new regulations, following a new process or supporting a new product, it is essential that you know what your overall goal is. 

Determine necessary skills and knowledge 

Now that you know your goal, you need to think about how you’re going to reach it. Figuring out what your employees need to know to help you to get to this goal and, in turn, what additional training they will need to provide them with new skills and knowledge is the next thing to do. Essentially, think about what your employees can do now and what you need them to be able to do in the future to meet your goal, this is called the ‘performance gap’. 

Identify which employees need training 

Depending on the size of your business, you may find that not all of your employees require the same training. For example, different departments might need to focus on different things in order for you to reach your overall goal. So, establish which employees will need training for the different skills and knowledge you’d like them to have in the future. 

Figure out what type of training is required

You will likely find that you will require different training methods and training activities in order to help your employees learn new skills and advance their knowledge. So, for example, look at each skill individually and consider how you should teach your employees this skill. You may find the training type differs quite significantly from skill to skill.

Decide who will carry out the training

Whenever you’re developing a training program, you will need to decide who is going to carry out the training. Whether this is someone in HR, a senior team member or an external freelance trainer, you will find that some types of training are better suited to particular people. So, determine who is best to carry out the training for each skill you have in mind. 

Design any required training materials

If someone in-house will be carrying out the training, they will need to plan what they’re going to do during the training session to ensure that attending employees finish the session with the required skills and knowledge. This can be one of the hardest parts of creating a training program and it is often the part that will take the most time. After all, it is essential that the training you’re delivering is adequate. 

Implement and evaluate the new training program 

Of course, you will then need to implement the new training program and ensure that employees are fully aware of what will be expected of them in this regard. You should also ensure that everything is arranged, from room hire to training supplies, so that all training sessions run smoothly. Once implemented, it is essential that you’re continually reviewing and evaluating the success of your training program, and making any required changes too. 

Getting assistance from a training provider in the UK 

Hopefully, if you’re focusing on employee training and development this year and you’re planning on creating your own training program, the checklist above will be beneficial. Following this should help you to make sure that nothing important is overlooked and whilst you might not develop the perfect training program the first time around, making some adjustments over time will help to ensure that the program is beneficial to your business. 

If you’re interested in working alongside a training provider in the UK, be sure to contact us here at The Trainers Training Company. We can connect you with experienced freelance trainers who have the expertise required to assist with various aspects of your new training program. We have a large list of trainers who all specialise in different types of training, so it is likely that we will have the perfect freelance trainers for your employees to learn from. There is no better training provider in the UK to turn to for assistance in this regard. 



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