Success Shapers Group Mentoring

Success Shapers Group Mentoring Programmes run throughout the year. Would you like to join us?

Success Shapers provides an opportunity for you to work closely with Sharon and 4 other like-minded Freelance Trainers in a supportive group environment for 6 months.  The aim of the programme is to help you move your business forward and achieve the results you want far more quickly than you can do on your own. Our group sessions are all done over Zoom so you can join us from wherever you are based.

Why Become a Success Shaper?


Having a freelance training business is tremendously exciting with every day bringing new challenges and opportunities. It can also feel very lonely, particularly if you are the kind of person who works best talking to others and having someone to bounce issues off. And whilst as a business owner there is usually no shortage of ideas ….. the hard part is doing something with them – translating those ideas into ACTION.

Working on the Success Shapers Programme will:


Provide accountability and give you a sense of purpose

Get you focused on DOING rather than THINKING and worrying

Provide you with clear and specific advice on the things that you should be doing to achieve the results you want

Give you encouragement, support and the motivation to achieve your goals


How Does The Programme Work?


You are invited to spend 6 months with me and 4 other supportive freelance trainers – together we will help you to achieve real change and success in your business. We will do this via Zoom Meetings ( video conferencing).


Kick Start Session


A 45 minute call to allow you to introduce yourself to other group members, get to know others, share your expectations. I’ll clarify how the programme is going to work and get agreement from everyone on the things we all need to do to make it a positive experience.


Shape Up Sessions


Virtual group sessions via Zoom run twice a month. Each call will last for 1.5 hours and will follow a structured agenda. I will host and facilitate every call and lead discussion on the agreed topics in every call.

  1. Welcome
  2. Introductions – 30 seconds on where your business is today or 1 thing you have achieved since the last call, progress on your Action Plan
  3. Member in Focus – 15-20 minutes from all members on a business issue they are currently facing
  4. Feedback from Sharon and the other members – discussion on the issue
  5. Action Planning
  6. Meeting Close

Success Session


A 45 minute call to share and celebrate your achievements with your fellow Success Shapers and explore what happens next!

What Is Your Investment?


The investment for this exciting and exclusive programme is £870 plus VAT or £145 plus VAT per month.

Success Shapers Priority List

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What Have Other Success Shapers Said?

I have really enjoyed working with Sharon. Sharon is a superb coach. She has supported me through the Success Shapers programme and its value has been immense. Through group feedback and Sharon’s expert coaching, I have seen things in my business and myself that I have never seen before. My business is stronger as a result of going through this programme with Sharon.

Phil Walsh

Freelance Trainer

I participated in one of Sharon’s Success Shapers groups, and she has also mentored me. Before I met Sharon, I was really floundering. By providing clear guidance and techniques, as well as helping me develop a strategy for running my training business, working with Sharon really turned things around for me. I now know what I need to do and am willing to push my boundaries. I really recommend working with her!

Jasmine Gartner

Freelance Trainer

The regular contact with my Success Shapers Group really helped me put some focus back on my business. I found it great to be able to share ideas with other like minded independent trainers – and to have some encouragement to stick to my action plan! I didn’t feel so alone and isolated, as you can be when running your own training business.

Sue Parsons

Freelance Trainer

The Success Shapers programme was the catalyst that took my business to newer levels, encouraged me to stretch myself and focus on the important stuff. The group setting was great: friendly, helpful and above all provided the accountability I really need as a sole-preneur. We all loved it so much we did another one together! I now have a wonderful bunch of friends who still provide ongoing support for each other. But the key is Sharon Gaskin – she gave us focus, structure and moved us forward.

Emma Williams

Freelance Trainer

“You just cannot do better than sign up to Sharon’s ‘Success Shapers’ if you are serious about getting your training business to new levels of success. Sharon is just so sensible, honest, experienced and trustworthy – she leads the process with real skill and achieves amazing results with these small and select coaching groups.”

Mandy Parry

Freelance Trainer

Success Shapers Priority List

Get on the priority list, grow your freelance training company and be the first to know about the next Success Shapers Group 

I joined Success Shapers to provide accountability for the projects I needed to tackle to take my business to the next level. What I didn’t expect was the feeling of camaraderie I had with the others in my group, and the amount of help and support I received on a whole range of topics. I never felt that there was anything I couldn’t ask, and every question got a range of really useful, thoughtful and interesting suggestions!

Alison Reeves

Freelance Trainer

At the time I did Success Shapers it really helped me get to grips with the relatively new world of freelance training. It was great getting to know people who had more experience than me, and encouraging to know that any problems or issues I faced had already been met and addressed by others. The mutually supportive atmosphere was a real joy and has been invaluable!

Sue Ritchie

Freelance Trainer

The greatest value of Success Shapers is that you get direct access to Sharon’s wisdom, experience and expertise at a very affordable price. And being part of a group reassures you that you’re not alone and others are facing similar challenges. I would particularly recommend the programme to any freelance trainer who is in their first year or two of self employment and is feeling a bit unsure and isolated.

Antoinette Oglethorpe

Freelance Trainer

Sharon always shows a genuine interest in helping those around her. I really enjoyed being part of her Success Shapers Mentoring group where her valuable knowledge, skills and experience was invaluable to my business, I would thoroughly recommend any of her workshops, mentoring programmes and online resources if you are looking to grow a successful, profitable training business. Thank you Sharon!

Sharon Jackson

Freelance Trainer

Ready To Join Us?

Success Shapers groups start at different times throughout the year. They are very popular and I only take in 4 people each time so you need to make sure to get on the waiting list.

If you are interested in joining the waiting list for Success Shapers please add your details below and I’ll notify you of the next Success Shapers group opening

Success Shapers Priority List

Get on the priority list, grow your freelance training company and be the first to know about the next Success Shapers Group 


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