The Secrets of Successful Freelance Trainers

Webinar Series


I’ve asked some of the most successful trainers in my network to share their secrets.

If you want to hear their advice on all the highs and lows of creating a successful and profitable training business,


Hi! I’m Sharon Gaskin and I can help you build a successful and profitable training business. 

I’ve built up a community of freelance trainers called Trainer Talk – it’s a thriving and supportive network that regularly shares wisdom, experience and expertise.

I’m very privileged to have such a great bunch of people in my network and I’m very grateful to them for their generosity and support in creating this webinar series. In it you will learn:


  • An insight into the realities of life as a freelance trainer – overcoming challenges and inspiration to move your business forward

  • The best ways to market yourself and your business

  • Some of the things that are essential to every successful training business – and how to integrate them into yours

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