When was the last time someone said thank you to you? How did it make you feel?

Saying thank you can go such a long way towards strengthening relationships and making people feel good about something they have said or done. And, when it comes to my business, the people I want to feel good are my clients.

As we’ve discussed in a previous article, your existing clients can be the fast track to a better training business, so it’s important to keep them onside and let them know how much you value working with them. What better way to do this than to say thank you?

1.      Call them to say thank you

I think one of the most effective and personal ways to say thank you to a client is to give them a call and speak to them. Whenever you say thank you, try to be specific. For example, if a client has sent you a referral or they made you feel welcome when you visited their site to carry out some training, let them know you appreciate the gesture.

2.      Send a handwritten note

At a time when most of us are bombarded with emails and the only written correspondence we receive is junk mail or bills, it can be an unexpected pleasure to receive a handwritten thank you note or card in the post. It doesn’t have to say much, just thank you.

3.      Send them a small gift

Another way to say thanks to a client is to send them a small gift of gratitude. This could be flowers, a gift voucher, a copy of a business book that you think they will love, or even just a cutting from a newspaper that you think would be of interest. The key is to choose something because it feels like the perfect fit for the recipient and preferably shows how well you know and understand them.

4.      Send them referrals

What better way to thank a client than by sending paying customers to them? A referral acts like a word of mouth recommendation or vote of confidence, therefore – if you meet someone who would benefit from working with a trusted client – you could make the introductions to show that you are the source of the referral.

5.      Offer them exclusive discounts or special offers

You could thank your most valued clients by offering them exclusive discounts and special offers that aren’t available to anyone else. This is how many retailers operate by offering loyalty cards and rewards, but it is a strategy that can work well with training businesses too.

6.      Make them laugh

If you are able to make a client laugh, it can help to cement your working relationship and make them feel good. With this in mind, keep an eye out for humorous gifts that might make a client laugh – this could be a silly cartoon from the newspaper, a funny mug or card, or even a handmade creation, like a parody of a film poster featuring your client.

This approach might not work for every client but it can be great for those who see the lighter side of life.

7.      Invite them to an event

This can work in a couple of ways. For example, you could throw an invitation-only VIP event for your most trusted clients, introducing them to a new training package or launching a virtual training platform. Alternatively, if you know of an industry event that would be of value to a client you want to thank, you could offer to take them as your guest.

8.      Give them a shout out on social media

If your client has an audience that’s active on social media, we’re sure that they would appreciate a shout out from you about their products or services, especially if you share a similar audience. Like referrals, this acts like a word of mouth recommendation and can help your client to reinforce their brand and reputation online.

Do you make a point of saying thank you to your clients? Do you believe saying thank you makes a difference? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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