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Quick Fix Mentoring Sessions


Practical straightforward advice and guidance on how to succeed as a freelance trainer

  • Are you thinking about becoming a freelance trainer and wondering if it’s right for you?
  • Have you recently started out as a freelance trainer and feeling overwhelmed with all the possible actions you need to take?
  • Would you like to get some help with finding work as an associate trainer?
  • Do you need to find more clients for your training business right now?


My Quick Fix sessions have been designed with you in mind.

I recognise how frustrating and uncertain it can be to muddle along on your own trying to find the answers you need to your pressing business problems. Sometimes you just need someone to give you straightforward advice on what works and what doesn’t!

You will benefit from a Quick Fix Session with me if you have a very specific business problem or question that can be discussed in 45 minutes.

Here are some typical areas for discussion:

  • Your Blueprint for Success – 8 Things You Must Do If You Want to Create A Successful and Profitable Training Business
  • Smarter Spending – What’s essential and what’s just nice to have in your first year of business. Where to spend your money. How to avoid wasting money.
  • How to Start Building and Attracting Corporate Business
  • How To Find Associate Work – Where to find associate work. How to increase your chances of getting associate work. Things you should know about associate work before jumping in
  • How To Put Together a Marketing Plan – How to identify marketing methods that get results. How to stay on track and avoid feeling overwhelmed
  • Smarter Networking – How to ensure you are not wasting time, money and energy on ineffective networking. How to find the right people for your business. How to make the most of any networking you attend
  • Facts about Fees – What you can realistically charge and expect to earn. What factors determine what you charge
  • Self Confidence – How to cultivate inner belief so you can attract the clients who can afford to pay you. How to stay positive and motivated when the going gets tough
  • The Truth About the Freelance Training Market – Things that I’ve learnt over the years about working with corporate clients, training companies and other trainers. Having this realistic perspective will save you a huge amount of time, money and stress!
  • Using Social Media – How to get started. How to decide which platform to use. What to do on Social Media. How much time to spend. What results can you expect?

BUT these are only examples ….. now it’s over to you!

If you would like some answers to YOUR unique business problem so that you can start DOING instead of thinking and worrying

Ready to Book a Quick Fix Mentoring Session?

If you’’d like to book a Mentoring Session right now, here’s what you need to do:

1.    Make your payment

2.    Book a date and time in my calendar for your  session and we can get started!

You will receive an email following payment with details on how to do this.

Sharon opened my eyes to how I’d been marketing my business, using social media, pricing and much much more.

She knows her subject matter so well and shares invaluable strategies and techniques at such a reasonable fee. I’d certainly have paid double.

Audrey Bodman

I think the biggest impact is around my charging and selling, something I really struggled with before the programme. I am now much clearer over what to charge and why which makes everything much easier! My business has definitely had a growth spurt since! Sharon’s wealth of experience and straight talking have been so helpful!

Emma Williams

I would really recommend Sharon Gaskin to other freelance trainers who are starting off in business or wanting to review and reflect on their work. Sharon has a wealth of experience and is able to provide tips, ideas and useful perspectives on developing and maintaining a training business. She is a really warm, enthusiastic and responsive trainer and her workshop on Creating a Successful and Sustainable Business is the best piece of CPD I have had in years! It was great value for money and a really enjoyable, engaging and thought provoking day. Thanks, Sharon!l

Joanne Miles

As a previous purchaser of training, Sharon really understands the buyer’s mindset and processes. She shares this depth of understanding, along with all her knowledge and experience of setting up her own successful company skillfully and generously with her vast network of freelance trainers.

But more than that, Sharon is a genuine, and approachable person, who walks her talk and is really committed to the development of her learning community.

Julie Kaye

As a previous buyer of training Sharon is extremely knowledgeable and credible in advising new freelance trainers how to build a successful business. I found Sharon to be professional and astute commercially whilst at the same time personable and easy to get on with. Her own success is the best kind of evidence that her techniques work so well, especially in difficult economic conditions – I am delighted to be able to recommend Sharon to new and aspiring freelance trainers

Jos Burton


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