When we’re rushed off our feet, one of the first things that can drop off the radar is our marketing.

But, no matter how busy you are, marketing matters, especially if you’re a freelancer and you want to get off the feast and famine rollercoaster.

Here are seven proven marketing tips that work even when you’re short on time:

1.      Plan time for marketing & make that time non-negotiable

With deadlines looming and training to deliver, I know how easy it is to push time earmarked for marketing to one side. My advice is to plan time for marketing into your diary and treat it like you would a client appointment – essential and non-negotiable.

2.      Keep marketing even when you’re busy

It can take three to six months to see the impact of the marketing you do today. This is why it’s so important to keep marketing, even when you’re busy, to make sure that the work doesn’t dry up in six months’ time.

3.      Do one thing a day

If you are really struggling for time, my advice is to pick one thing a day that you can do towards marketing your business. This might be posting on social media, writing a blog, sending out a newsletter, emailing an existing client – you decide.

Just ten minutes a day focused on marketing can make a big difference over the week/month/year.

"Focus. Stop trying to do everything. Choose one thing & do it well." Unknown

4.      Respond quickly

If you receive a new marketing enquiry or someone writes to you with an opportunity, or even if a client leaves feedback via a Google review, always aim to respond quickly and to let people know that you appreciate them thinking of you. This shows that the working relationship matters to you.

5.      Learn what works & do more of it

Whenever you do any marketing, remember to keep an eye on any stats available. This might be the open and clickthrough rates of an email campaign, engagement stats on social media, data for your Google Ads or tracking how new enquirers heard about your business.

These stats will help you to build up a picture of what’s working so that you can do more of it (and drop what doesn’t work).

6.      Follow-up with clients

It’s far easier and less time-consuming to market your services to existing clients who are familiar with your business than to people who have never heard of you before.

Following up with your clients with a simple thank you card or letting them know how you can help their business can be a great way of securing bookings without a huge input of time.

7.      Niche

By niching your business, you automatically have a narrower focus to your marketing because you know exactly who you want to reach and what you can offer them. Having a clear message and audience is one of the greatest time savers.

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