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00.48: Lucky number seven – or maybe number five … | 02.20: No singing this week <sad face> | 02.40: Migrating to the Online Community Hub | 07.15: When Facebook’s own community group is rubbish … | 08.23: #smugface | 08.50: Amanda Alexander’s Secrets of Success | 09.28: Mindset over Marketing | 13.33: Is it a failure, or just not working? | 16.30: The last Finished in Five Challenge for 2018! | 20.05: Top of Mind Topic (and Jem wants in on the action) | 21.19: Sharon’s Consistency Triangle | 23.25: You know what you’re getting with a Purple Palace | 28.00: The blog post is coming | 29.40: And another ‘C’ for good measure | 30.25: Shelley can help you with infographics | 31.00: The Dog-walking Digest – less stress, more community | 33.31: Bonkers mums and dads | 36.30: Lynda will tell us about connection and business | 40.00: You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone | 41.00 You don’t know what you could have until you get it! | 43.30: Why online and face to face aren’t mutually exclusive | 44.25: If it isn’t fun, why bother? | 45.25: One more ‘C’ for luck | 45.40: The Event to consider – Tasmin’s MBTI workshop | 51.14: Everyone is creative in different ways | 53.22: The Cool Tool to use Online – image hunter | 56.30: We may have to stop talking at some point …


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Roll Call (Trainer Talk member shout-outs):

Shelley Fishel

Emma Shaw

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