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1.00: Sharon sings! | 02.43: The search is over (phew!) | 03.30: November 1 is the cross-over date | 05.53: It’s all about the access | 08.35: Trainer Talk is so much more than Trainer Talk live | 10.00: It’s all about community | 14.34: Jo Cook spilled her Secrets | 15.06: The power of social media | 17.40: Jo’s tweet game is good … | 18.46: Are you having a presence or being present? | 20.00: Useful research or procrastination?! | 21.40: You don’t have to be there at all! | 24.45: 80s music is, of course, the best | 27.14: Just for Emma | 28.44: Top of Mind is Busy-ness | 29.45: Balancing delivery with everything else | 32.30: You need to market all year round | 37.00: The Dog Walking Digest: Mindset madness | 43.31: Am I jumping to conclusions? | 45.00 The Event to consider – it’s graphic! | 49.00 The Cool Tool for Online – Pacman screen capture?!


Jo Cook on Twitter: Link

Sharon’s Secret’s of Successful Trainers interviews: Link

Sharon’s course: How to Create a Successful and Profitable Training Business: Link

Emer O’Leary’s Secrets of Simple Graphics course: Link and Link

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Roll Call (Trainer Talk member shout-outs):

Emma Williams

Simon Linard

Tony Burgess

Julie French

Emer O’Leary

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