01.20: It’s ok, Sharon’s ok … | 02.45: Another LinkedIn challenge | 07.27: Having cake and eating it | 09.55: Sharon gets a deluge! | 11.48: It’s all about balance | 12.39: A meditation hiccup | 14.05: An expensive way to sleep?! | 17.06: Blockers gang up on you! | 19.14: Ginette’s experiment | 22.00: The hunt for a perfect Bootcamp venue continues | 26.24: Top of Mind: done is better than perfect! | 27.00: ‘What if’s’ are idea killers | 29.50: Don’t let the fear of mistakes hold you back | 32.52: Cocking-up is how we learn | 36.15: Scandal in the Dog-walking Digest! | 41.10: Perhaps I have that kind of face? | 42.29: Event to consider: become a productivity ninja | 45.10: Cool Online Tool: caption it! | 50.00: The future of @TrainerTalkPod hangs in the balance!


Ginette’s Online Course Creation Bootcamp: Link

Sharon’s blog on Done is better than Perfect: Link

Grace Marshall’s course on being a Productivity Ninja: Link

Rev (for video captions): Link





Roll Call (Trainer Talk member shout-outs):

Paul Copcutt

Christine Spencer

Anne Walsh


Won't be long!

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