01.25: It’s all Rafa’s fault … | 02.00: Phew for freelance flexibility | 06.55: The meditation experiment | 10.00: The first is the worst | 10.20: Sharon’s random taxi service | 12.05: Another great online business clinic | 12.55: Has the social media blackout lasted? | 16.30: It’s uncharted territory now! | 18.30: Random LinkedIn requests | 20.30: Finding a venue – for free! | 22.45: Ginette’s side hustle | 25.25: The compelling argument for online courses | 29.18: The best advice is inside Trainer Talk | 29.47: The Top of Mind Topic / Listener Letter: Blogging | 39.46: The Dog (Sofa-Sitting) Digest | 43.48: But what happens when he retires? | 44.52: Got an event for us to promote? | 45.42: Cool Tool to get down with the kids | 50.45: I should have had faith!


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Roll Call (Trainer Talk member shout-outs):

Ian Crossley

Emma Williams

Colin Foster

Carol Barnes

Paul Dicker

Carrie Eddins


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