01.20: Still busy! | 01.35: Money, money, money … | 03.04: Jem announces her intentions for this recording | 05.00: Everything gets better with practice! | 06.11: Mark Terrell’s Secrets (even with the tech issues) | 07.07: Jem agrees being yourself is important | 09.08: GiraffePad – it’s a game-changer! | 11.55: Sharon has Views about naming conventions (but Mark’s story is a good one!) | 14.40: 2019 is full already! | 15.30: Why mental lists don’t work | 16.00: We definitely didn’t mention ‘it’ | 17.47: Amuse yourselves for a moment … | 20.00: When Monday isn’t a proper Monday | 23.51: Sharon adds her own sound effect | 24.10: Top of Mind: keeping people engaged | 26.09: It’s all about gamification | 30.23: You’ve got to do something to move forward, no matter how small | 33.18: The first for Anne Walsh | 33.55: Course Creation Blockers | 33.54: Your second Mrs Walsh | 35.30: Sharon has #smugface AGAIN | 35.47: Jem disapproves | 41.58: Ginette’s good at online training – but you wouldn’t know from LinkedIn! | 44.19: Ginette’s turn for a rant | 46.09: Your final one for now Anne! | 49.40: Is fear of feedback real on Social Media? | 57.54: The Event to consider: Tony and Julie again! | 59.02: Your Cool Tool online: website speed (but it’s nothing to do with Ginette!) | 1.02.25: Oh look, we’ve over-run. Again …


Sharon’s Secret’s of Successful Trainers interviews: Link

Mark William’s GiraffePad: Link

Ginette’s posts on course creation blockers: Link

Sharon’s LinkedIn profile: Link

Ginette’s LinkedIn profile: Link

Tony Burgess and Julie French’s Everything DISC training: Link

GTMetrix (website speed test): Link




Excerpt of Left Bank Two from De Wolfe music

Roll Call (Trainer Talk member shout-outs):

Jem Gaskin

Mark Terrell

Mark Williams

Paul Copcutt

Tony Burgess

Julie French


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