You’re a trainer looking to enhance your website content and you’re looking for images, photos, and other visuals to make your content stand out.  Here’s a list of 18 different places where you can find images. Some are paid subscriptions. This means each month you’ll pay for a certain number of downloads. Some of the sites you can pay for just one photo. Others are free, but do check how you can use the images – they may not be free for commercial use.

  1. Shareasimage Pro supplies you with images each week, plus you can make your own quotes
  2. Unsplash will send you 10 images every 10 days via email. These are varied and often nature shots.
  3. Graphic Stock is $99 a year
  4. Yay Images is great for images you don’t see everywhere else
  5. Free Digital Photos is a good source of internet marketing images
  6. Canva – a great tool for creating your own website images and I highly recommend it for trainers. It has a limited range of free and paid images. The paid images cost $1
  7. Dreamstime have a free and a paid section for images. These are different from the generic stock images.
  8. Free images and although the site is plain, it has a good search function and you can find good quality office and training photos.
  9. Free stock range also has tutorials as well as a good range of photos you can use for your website.
  10. Free photos bank has lots of nature images. These are lovely, be sure they fit with your trainer website branding first.
  11. I’m free shares a lot icons that can be downloaded and added to images.
  12. Pixabay has good range of images that are useful to trainers.
  13. Pexels has some stunning images and some good training shots, better
  14. Deposit Photos is becoming incredibly popular with each image costing less than $1 if you buy in batches.
  15. Morgue File is another site popular with bloggers, again, these images can be used in a too like Canva to give them a unique edge
  16. Boss Fight has an interesting name for an image site and some stunning images, that are not only hi-res they’re free too.
  17. Shutterstock has a vast range, it’s a paid resource.
  18. Fotolia has a free pic of the week range, and they’re very diverse.

One final tip – make a note of where you download your images from. If you ever have any questions about the images and their copyright, you’ll be able to go and find the information.

Where do you find your images?



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