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About The Trainers Training Company

You become a freelance trainer to be in the training room doing what you love!

However, freelancing brings its own issues like:

  • Where do I get new clients from?
  • How do I get people to find me?
  • Where can I find the best training venues at the best rates?
  • How do I find Associate Work?
  • What do I charge?
  • Do I need a website?
  • Where do I get legals and contracts from?
Sharon Gaskin

Sharon Gaskin

I’m Sharon Gaskin, the founder of the Trainers Training Company and I work with freelance trainers like you, to help you create and grow a successful and profitable training business.

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Have you just started (or are thinking of starting) your freelance training business?

Or maybe you’re struggling to attract new clients and new business?


If you’re a Freelance Trainer/ training business owner and you’re looking for ways to get new clients then download my free report.

You’ll find out EXACTLY what activities you need to be doing to win new clients.

I asked my community of trainers which marketing activities had been most successful for them.

Be a zesty action taker and save valuable time focussing on those marketing activities that work.

Deliver virtual live training courses that engage and have impact!

If you want to be recommended across people’s networks, you’ll want to know all the tricks for your next virtual live training course delivery.

If you’re looking for a way to grow your leads, engage your prospects and deliver conversion, then look at webinars.

They are a great tool to demonstrate what you do, how you do it and what you know!

Sales can be an area that lots of trainers feel uncomfortable about. With this free video report, learn the steps you need to take to feel much more confident about the sales process.

You’ll be winning those contracts in no time!

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