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Confronting my social media blocks and embracing a fresh approach

Social media blocks of wanting likes

I’ve spent far too much time thinking (and stressing) – AGAIN – about social media. In fact, I realised a while ago that I have some serious social media blocks.

It’s becoming increasingly complex, the rules are constantly changing and, if you’re not careful, just trying to keep up with it can feel like a full-time job.

Many people in my network have been complaining about LinkedIn, noticing that their post reach has been declining and they’re missing updates from people who they would typically engage with.

LinkedIn doesn’t like you sharing or directing people away from the platform and to your website.

Organic reach for Facebook pages and groups has been in decline for some time and unless you have an ad budget, it’s got a lot tougher for small businesses to get noticed.

That’s not really going to change any time soon.

Then there are all the changes on Twitter (or should I say “X” now?!) and the initial flurry of activity on Threads (that seems to have quickly died down)! I haven’t let myself think about these last two issues, other than deciding I don’t want to spread myself any thinner on social media.

My social media blocks

I did two hours of self-coaching on my attitude to social media over the weekend – otherwise known as ‘having a word with myself’. 

I wanted to dig into my resistance to LinkedIn, in particular, and why I feel the way I do towards it.

All sorts of interesting stuff came up.

I’ll share this with you – in note form, in case you find it useful.

  • Algorithms – waste of time – people don’t see it
  • Feeds a need for recognition and to be liked – which isn’t that healthy
  • Don’t always know what to say or feel inspired
  • Don’t keep up with it – get discouraged – a bit on and off – not proud of it for not doing it ‘properly’
  • I imagine I’m talking to people on LinkedIn who will look down on me
  • Too old to be interesting
  • Not quirky/creative/enough
  • Not sure what the right platform is
  • Do I need any of it? My clients come through my website, email list, my community, and recommendations
  • Shall I just come off it altogether? 

There’s a way to make social media marketing joyous!

With my social media blocks contained on the piece of paper in front of me, I then asked myself a few more questions:

What’s true and what am I making up? It turns out most of my blocks come from my imagination!

What does doing social media ‘properly’ look like?

Initially, I thought that meant posting content three or four times a day but, really, it’s not.

For me, doing social media properly is:

  • Showing up when I want, not when I feel I ought to. 
  • Sharing things on behalf of others, especially my Trainer Talk community members.
  • Being a curator, not a creator.
  • Using it to spread the word about things I offer that I know are really valuable to others. 

What would that look and feel like?

Lighter. Easier. The sharing of other people’s stuff is joyous. 

It also feels doable. 

How would it feel to let go of social media completely?

Actually, OK. It doesn’t feel that scary. I might do it one day but I’ll give this new approach a try first!

This was a fascinating exercise where I confronted some of my limiting beliefs and made-up stories, got some new perspectives and came out with an action plan that I’ll actually do.

Watch this space!

How do you feel about social media? Do you love it, loathe it or feel indifferent? Is there anything you’re struggling with at the moment? I recommend giving this exercise a try 🙂

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