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I’m delighted to introduce a guest blog from Sheridan Webb, Principal Consultant at Power Hour and Keystone Development & Training Ltd.

Today my husband and I bought a classic car. Well, he bought it, I just approved the decision 😉 and the whole process made me think about how the traditional view of selling is just ONE view: It’s certainly not the only one.

I’d like to tell you about Andy.

Car mechanicAndy is in his 50s (looked older). Scruffy beard, dirty overalls and ill-fitting boots. He made it abundantly clear to us that he was nothing to do with the sales side of things. But he was wrong. He WAS the sale! Andy is a car enthusiast. His passion for the cars in his care (for that is how he saw them) was obvious. He is a specialist mechanic and loves nothing more than bringing neglected cars back to their former glory. He had worked in the industry for over 30 years and even does cars up at home because he loves it so much.

He wanted to show us what the car had and discussed at length how it was different (better or worse) than similar cars. He talked about the imperfections of the car, and also what he loved about it. He got hands on and worked with us to put the roof on (because they are all a bit different). He took us for a test drive and knew all the little idiosyncrasies of the car which allowed us to get to know it quickly.

Not only that, but Andy basically interviewed us. He wanted to find out if we were worthy of being the owners of this treasured machine. He felt strongly that it had to go to someone who would use and look after it, rather than keep it locked in a garage. He was delighted that it would be a family car, and he told us tales of how own car had made so many treasured memories for him and his daughter.

In the end, we had to beg him to take our money…but he held his hand up and said John dealt with that side of things. As you can imagine, John was delighted to have a customer walk into his office waving their credit card asking to pay.

I know that many trainers find ‘selling’ hard. But today’s experience showed me how ‘selling’ isn’t always necessary. OK, so we went to the showroom already interested in the car: we were ‘warm’ prospects, but Andy’s enthusiasm, honesty, passion and interest in us made us want to buy the car more than we’d ever wanted to do anything.

It made me realise that if you love what you do, and that passion shines through, people will want to buy. No ‘selling’ required.
Sheridan Webb, Principal Consultant at Power Hour

Sheridan is a training consultant and designer who also delivers when asked to. She specialises in the research and design of bespoke development programmes via her company Keystone Development and Training Ltd, and the provision of bite-size training materials via Power Hour Training. She has been running her own businesses for almost 10 years and is based in the North West.




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