Hope you are having a great week so far. I’ve been really busy getting ready for Trainer Talk Live on Friday, working with my 1 to 1 clients and planning my Workshop in Leamington on 25 May.

Last week I shared my thoughts on how you can get repeat business – as we all know it’s much easier to get work from existing clients than it is to attract new business. Did you like the analogy of being part of the furniture? Many of my subscribers did and I got quite a few emails on the subject, here’s one:

Great tip Sharon! We describe it as ‘being part of the furniture’. Clients stop hovering round us and leave us to it, treating us just as they would an in-house training ream. It tells us we have their trust. We do lots of follow up reports too which provides added value and keeps the meaningful dialogue going. The point of my reply was really to endorse your tip, you are right on the money: O) 

Bev Holden, Clear Thinking Partnership 

It got me thinking about other things you can do to retain your clients and keep them coming back for more. I’m going to share an example from my own business. Just recently I had to cancel a Workshop due to lack of bookings – all other Workshops have been fine but this one couldn’t go ahead. It happens.

However, I did have one delegate booked on who I knew was really looking forward to the Workshop. I didn’t want to let him down. With much trepidation I emailed him to give him the news. But I also gave him 4 alternative options – ways he could get the same information and support that he felt he needed. Not only did he take me up on the offer meaning that I would still retain him as a client he actually wrote back to say how refreshing it was that he had been given options as so many people – in his opinion – don’t bother!

So – my task for you this week is to consider all your existing clients.

Ask yourself ‘What more could I be doing for them that I’m not doing already?’ ‘What extra little thing could I do to surprise and delight them?’

Your answers could make a big difference!


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