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Freedom and flexibility is part of the fun of being a freelance trainer.

But it can also be very lonely …

If you’d like to be part of a vibrant community of like-minded freelance trainers

where connection and collaboration is the norm, then come and join us in Trainer Talk.

What’s Included?

Direct access to Sharon Gaskin through the Forum and 4 fantastic Trainer Talk Live events a year

Learn strategies and skills to develop and improve your training business.

You can openly and honestly share your greatest challenges — as well as your successes!

People are genuinely supportive and generous with their knowledge and experience

There are opportunities to collaborate rather than compete

Opportunities to promote your business through Top Trainer Profiles and other initiatives

Hi I’m Sharon Gaskin

I’ve spent the last 10 years working with freelance trainers to help them build successful, satisfying training businesses.

Following a career as a corporate L&D professional, I spent years working as a lone freelancer and business owner, so I understand how incredibly lonely it can be.

When you’re in the training room it’s fine, but when you’re not it’s not always that easy to get that buzz that comes from talking and interacting with others — the buzz that you need to keep you in flow, keep you motivated and moving towards achieving your goals and getting things done.

For all of these reasons – and more – I created Trainer Talk which has grown and evolved into a vibrant community.

Super Support


I’ve done a huge amount of networking over the years. One thing I’ve noticed is that there can often be a big pressure to not be yourself, to put a bit of a front on and say everything is fantastic in your business, when it’s not. Sometimes you just want to say “You know what, I’m finding it tough right now and I’d like some help.” Do you ever feel like that? 

And then there’s the issue of where to go for business advice. In today’s digital age there’s no shortage of information, but you can easily waste a whole day surfing for stuff only to find it doesn’t really apply to you as a freelance trainer… I am a great believer in leveraging others’ success, and this is why I created Trainer Talk.

I am passionate about bringing freelance trainers together to learn, share, connect and collaborate. It is important to have a safe and supportive network of people who get what you do, and are prepared to help celebrate your successes and share your challenges.

Our members love the Trainer Talk Community

The Trainers Training company set up by the wonderful Sharon Gaskin is simply brilliant! Despite being on Sharon’s Associate Alert Service for 4 years I hadn’t taken the opportunity to be part of the Trainer Talk community available through Sharon’s company and thank goodness I did! Whilst there are MANY pros for being self employed what people don’t always tell you is it can be isolating/lonely at times. Trainer Talk helps so much with that – through Sharon’s creative, facilitative and extremely generous approach and business model I feel part of a professional training group that offers support, advice and expertise without question or judgement. I highly recommend Sharon Gaskin and the Trainer Talk community and only wish I had joined from the start of my self employment journey!

Natalie Houlton

Freelance Trainer

I am a member of the Trainer Talk Online community and it’s not exaggerating to say that it’s the single biggest reason why my business remains successful. The group is phenomenally supportive and open. Not competitors, but collaborators in every sense. They are there for the good times and the bad. they share information and ideas, they give you feedback and no matter the query, someone offers something useful. They have opened my eyes to new things, been there when times were tough, shared joy in my successes, and offer a sense-check to ideas before I share them publicly. Sharon provides lots of value directly via her webinars and business development clinics, but also through the knowledge of her network which means she can connect people directly. In summary, Trainer Talk is the one thing I simply couldn’t run my business without.

Sheridan Webb

Freelance Trainer

Knowing that I always have a community of like-minded sympathetic colleagues who understand and empathise with my successes, failures, good days and bad days… Helps me see the wood for the trees if I’m bogged down by my thinking. Allows me to pose idle questions – sort of the “I wonder..” or “Has anyone else…” Knowing the answers will come from a real-life training background.

Anne Walsh

Freelance Trainer

I joined Trainer Talk a few years ago now. It is one of the friendliest most supportive groups of people that I know.

We all help each other, no competition just sharing best practice, thoughts and help wherever we can.

Since being a member, I have made great relationships with other trainers who have introduced me to their clients when I have skills that complement theirs. I have also found associate trainers to support a large project through this group.

At the helm is Sharon Gaskin – a superb coach and mentor who can spot what is needed a mile off. Sharon has created a fantastic community based on supportiveness, trust and shared values.

If you are thinking of joining, just do it – you won’t regret it!

Shelley Fishel

Freelance Trainer

Since taking the leap into the world of freelance training, I have found Sharon’s support and guidance invaluable. I’ve been a Trainer Talk member for over a year and would recommend the Trainers Training Company to all freelance trainers. It’s a great way to share your knowledge and experience with others and I guarantee you will get a lot more back in return. I recently viewed Sharon’s webinar on how to get people to come along to Open Workshops. I came away with lots of really great ideas, which I am busy putting into practise. Freelance work can be lonely, but it doesn’t feel like that with Sharon’s support. A big thank you for all those great tips you’ve share.

Jacqui Turner

Freelance Trainer

As an experienced trainer, the temptation to stay in the ‘safety’ of regular employment in the corporate world was almost overwhelming. However, within just a few months of finding Sharon’s wonderful website I was able to develop the confidence to bite the bullet, go freelance, and find associate and direct client work. The support network on social media and in person through Trainer Talk Live is invaluable, and I genuinely enjoy being part of a group of like-minded individuals.

Becky Shaw-Simms

Freelance Trainer

Your Investment

How joining the Trainer Talk community will benefit your business

You’ve seen above what’s included in your Trainer Talk membership but what does each of these features really mean for you and your business?


Online business development clinics

Get advice and inspiration about growing your business. Save time, prevent costly mistakes and tap into knowledge that’s 100% focused on training businesses.

Business growth webinars

Access in-depth information about topics that are relevant to training businesses so that you can target your ideal clients, charge what you’re worth and build your reputation doing what you love.

Members-only private online group

Access a professional network at any time of the day or night from anywhere in the world. Get advice and support from people who understand your business when you need it, not when a situation or opportunity has been and gone.

Resources library

Tap into the combined knowledge of the Trainer Talk community and resources that have helped other members. This is a great time saver and learning tool that will help you grow a profitable training business.

Spotlight sessions

Group online meetings on specific subjects relevant to running a freelance training business, including a Subject Matter Expert giving advice and guidance to participants and opportunities to share personal experiences.

Expert interview library

Learn from trainers who have come before you. Use their expertise and insights to find the right path sooner than if you were going it alone.

Membership options

Choose the package to suit you, whether you want to pay monthly or annually. The full Trainer Talk package includes four amazing live events every year dedicated to helping you grow your business.

Why Join Trainer Talk?


Trainer Talk  is a fabulous community, enabled largely by Sharon’s ability to bring people together. I’ve been subscribed to the Associate Alert Service for a few years and – quite honestly – hadn’t considered becoming part of the wider Trainer Talk community until a few months ago. I realise now how much time I’d wasted! From the minute I signed up, I’ve been connected to some fantastic talent, a really lovely, informative group of like-minded people, with such diverse backgrounds yet focused on one common aim – supporting each other. I love being self employed, but what you don’t always appreciate is how lonely it can be. I’m yet to attend a Trainer Talk Live but do join the online discussions (I’m based in Scotland, so they’re a fabulous way of getting involved without the need to travel!) If, like me, you’re teetering on the edge of all Sharon offers, jump in! I promise you won’t be disappointed. Thank you, Sharon, for being such a great enabler!

Jane Rennie


All this and more

Direct access to Sharon Gaskin through the forum and 4 fantastic Trainer Talk Live events a year*

Learn strategies and skills to develop and improve your training business

You can openly and honestly share your greatest challenges — as well as your successes!

People are genuinely supportive, generous with their knowledge and experience

There are opportunities to collaborate rather than compete

Opportunities to promote your business through Top Trainer Profiles and other initiatives

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