As organisations become more aware of the benefits associated with training and development in the workplace, many are keen to work with freelance trainers to ensure their teams are receiving the highest quality training. When it comes to finding a trainer, organisations have a number of freelancers to choose from and they certainly won’t struggle to find a suitable trainer. Whilst this is good for organisations, it’s not so good for freelancers with training businesses.

To ensure that your training business isn’t being overlooked when organisations are trying to find a trainer, you need to make sure that you’re standing out for all of the right reasons. So, below we have looked into some of the different ways that you can make sure you’re not continually losing out on new clients to your competitors.

Know what makes your training business different

In order to ensure that you’re advertising your training business in the most effective way, you need to figure out what sets you apart from the competition. Once you know what makes your training sessions unique, whether this is your style or methods, and what you can offer organisations that other freelance trainers can’t, you can highlight this to prospective clients.

Clearly state how you’re able to help your clients

Commonly, organisations will be searching for specific training sessions and to prevent them from scrolling straight past your training business, you need to ensure it’s easy to see what you can offer. No matter how many different types of sessions you provide, ensure they’re clearly stated when you’re advertising your training business and be sure to list the information clients are likely to want to know. Including feedback from previous clients is always beneficial too.

Respond to enquiries as quickly as possible

Whenever you receive enquiries from prospective clients about your training sessions, it is so important to ensure that you’re proactively replying. It is likely that organisations will contact a number of different businesses when they’re trying to find a trainer, and the better your communication is, the less likely you are to lose prospective clients to competitors. Good communication at every stage of the selling journey really is key to success.

Provide amazing customer service from the outset

All clients, whether they’re prospective clients, new clients or existing clients, will expect good customer service, but going above and beyond can help you to stand out from the crowd. Exceptional customer service is quite rare and when you prioritise customer service, not only will you notice a difference in conversion rates, but you will also notice a difference in client referrals and client loyalty too, which can be invaluable to your training business.

Find time for personal development

As a trainer, you will know just how important personal development is and bettering yourself as a trainer is something that should be a priority for you. When you find time for personal development, you can address your weaknesses, develop your strengths, foster new knowledge and ultimately, improve the quality of your training sessions. This, in turn, will help to improve your reputation as a trainer and help you to attract more clients.

Advertise your training business in the right places

Where you advertise your training sessions will directly influence how many new clients you get and it is so important to ensure that you’re advertising in the right places. Take some time to think about who your target clients are and the best ways to reach them, this will help you to ensure that you’re targeted with your marketing and you’re not wasting your budget.

Running a successful training business

Hopefully, by taking into consideration everything mentioned above, you can ensure that your training business is standing out from the crowd. When you take the time to make some changes in this regard, if organisations are trying to find a trainer, you’re more likely to win their business and go on to be a successful freelance trainer.

Should you be looking for more helpful advice relating to growing your training business, be sure to check out the other blogs on The Trainers Training Company website. Browse through the different categories and read some of the tips provided by expert trainers today to help you improve your training sessions and be as successful as possible. If you’d like to speak to a specialist about your training business in more detail and get some tailored guidance, we can offer one-to-one mentoring too and you can learn all about this on our website.

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