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Are you a freelance trainer looking for Associate work?

Then you’re in the right place!

The Trainers Training Company is renowned as a resource to help freelance trainers create and grow successful training businesses. This means we regularly get asked for help in sourcing trainers for Associate Contracts ( and sometimes direct client work too). Once you join the Associate Alert Service you’ll start getting associate opportunities straight into your inbox.

Many of the Associate Alerts members love how easy it is to make contacts in the training industry and how Associate Alerts make it easier to grow their freelance training business.

For an annual membership fee of just £87 plus VAT or choose £9.97 plus VAT recurring monthly fee, you will get exclusive notification of associate opportunities.

Associate Alerts are delivered via our premium email service.  These will NOT be made available to the general subscriber list.  Although the opportunities are predominately for associate work, we do also receive opportunities for direct client work too. So join Associate Alerts and avoid missing out on freelance training opportunities now.


I joined the associate alerts that Sharon has set up in April 2018. I have had a huge amount of success with this and found it the best way to look for associate work. I have applied and been successful in many pieces of work. This has really helped me grow my business, and I would now say this creates over 50% of my income currently.

I am so pleased that I signed up to this service – it is the best value for money possible.

Thanks Sharon for providing such a brilliant service, I’m very pleased that I have found you (just wish I’d done it a few years ago lol).

Rachel Powell

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Sharon Gaskin and the Associate Alert service which she runs. I have been a member for the last 12 months and have secured a big piece of work on training Financial Leadership for a large Facilities Management Company in their Leadership Academy. As a consequence the company have now asked me to undertake another significant piece of work facilitating behavioural skills for their Business Development Academy which could run for the next 18 months. None of this would have happened without getting the notification of the companies need via the Associate alert, Thank you Sharon great job.

Patrick Bird

More About The Associate Alert Service

How does the service actually work?

As the premier resource to help freelance trainers create successful and profitable training businesses I often get approached by training companies, organisations and people in my network with requests for trainers. In addition, I keep abreast of what is happening in the marketplace and I’m always on the lookout for opportunities. Once you are registered,  as soon as a request comes through I will send you details via email. I send ALL requests to all trainers on my list so not all opportunities will be relevant to you. Just delete any you don’t want and respond to those you do!

What type of opportunities do you get?

It tends to be a broad range. I have had everything from Soft Skills, Management and Leadership Development, Sales, Customer Service Coaching, Well Being through to IT Training, Health and Safety and Social Care. Most opportunities are in the UK but I occasionally get requests for trainers to travel abroad.

I contacted Sharon when I first set up in business as a freelancer purely on the strength of the website and testimonials, and found her generous with both her time and advice. Move forward a couple of months, and the alert service had secured me one of my first contracts, which ultimately resulted in £9,000 worth of business in my first year, plus some new contacts which I have kept using, as well as more interview days for associate work. All in all, a fantastic return on investment for £87 – I think that means you have got my subscription for a few years to come Sharon!

Annabel Graham

How many opportunities do you send out and how often?

There is no guarantee of anything! I never know how many opportunities are going to come through and what type of training is going to be asked for. Sometimes I will get 2 or 3 in a week, other times 2 or 3 in a month. However, over the last 5 years, I’m pleased to say I have been receiving them and sending them out regularly.

This opportunity you’ve sent me seems good and I want to apply. How do I do this?

The email I send you will always specify who/where your details should be  sent and what the next steps are.

Do you get involved in the selection of Trainers for specific opportunities?

No. The selection process is the decision of the training company or person who has requested the training.

I’ve sent my CV off in response to an opportunity. What happens next?

The person to whom you have sent your CV should respond to you directly. I  always ask all training companies/organisations using my service to do 2 things. Respond to all people who have expressed an interest even if it’s a NO. Keep me updated as to progress If this doesn’t happen, let me know and I will follow it up for you.

I signed up for Sharon’s fantastic Trainers Training Company earlier this year. I’m delighted to say that, not only do I receive a steady stream of interesting and relevant associate opportunities from Sharon, but I’ve successfully pursued a number of these opportunities and now have sufficient work to keep me employed for the foreseeable future. The Trainers Training Company is an excellent resource which offers superb value for money and I am so glad that I joined. Thanks Sharon!

Gary Bonsall

I’ve just joined Associate Alerts, what happens next?

You will receive an email from me confirming your subscription with full details of how the system works.  The subject of the email is Welcome to the Associate Alert Service.  Go Cardless customers – there can occasionally be a slight delay with this, Stripe customers will be notified automatically.

The Associate Alert Service has been a great channel for me to develop my business. I’ve recently been offered a really interesting contract as a result of the service, that I would never have found out about otherwise. There is a huge breadth of opportunities that are offered. To have opportunities just land in your inbox is fantastic.

Amy Reynolds

What happens at the end of my 12 month subscription?

If you take out an annual subscription just before your expiry date you will receive an email asking you if you wish to renew for the next 12 months. If you do, you don’t need to do anything as your payment will be automatically renewed via Stripe or Go Cardless. If you do not wish to continue you need to cancel your automatic payment and you will then be removed from the subscriber list.

Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. 


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