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As the premier resource to help freelance trainers create and grow successful training businesses we regularly get asked for help in sourcing trainers for associate contracts.

For an annual membership fee of just £87 or choose £9.97 recurring monthly fee, you will get exclusive notification of associate opportunities that come my way. These will NOT be made available to the general subscriber list.  Although the opportunities are predominately for associate work, I do also receive opportunities for direct client work too. Take a look at some of our most recent opportunities here.


FAQs Associate Alert Service

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How does the service actually work? As the premier resource to help freelance trainers create successful and profitable training businesses I often get approached by training companies, organisations and people in my network with requests for trainers. In addition I try to keep abreast of what is happening in the marketplace and I’m always on the look out for opportunities. Once you are registered,  as  soon as a request comes through I will send you details via email. I send ALL requests to all trainers on my list so not all opportunities will be relevant to you. Just delete any you don’t want and respond to those you do!

2. What sorts of opportunities do you get? It tends to be a broad range. I have had everything  from Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Soft Skills through to IT Training, Health and Safety and Social Care. Most opportunities are in the UK but I occasionally get requests for trainers to travel abroad. Check out the Recent Opportunities tab, this will give you brief details of all the requests I get and it is updated on a regular basis.

3. How many opportunities do you send out and how often? There is no guarantee of anything! I never know how many opportunities are going to come through and what type of training is going to be asked for. Sometimes I will get 2 or 3 in a week, other times 2 or 3 in a month. However, over the last 4 years I’m pleased to say I have been receiving them fairly regularly.

4. This opportunity you’ve sent me seems good and I want to apply. How do I do this? Sometimes the training company is happy to liaise directly with trainers, sometimes they want to work through me. The email I send you will always specify who/where your CV is to be sent and what the next steps are.

5. Do you get involved in the selection of Trainers for specific opportunities? No.  The selection process is the decision of the training company or person who has requested the training.

6. I’ve sent my CV off in response to an opportunity. What happens next? The person to whom you have sent your CV should respond to you directly. I  always ask all training companies/organisations using my service to do 2 things. Respond to all people who have expressed an interest even if it’s a NO. Keep me updated as to progress If this doesn’t happen, let me know and I will follow it up for you.

7. I’ve just signed up, what happens next?  You will receive an email from me confirming your subscription with full details of how the system works.  The subject of the email is Welcome to the Associate Alert Service.  Go Cardless customers – there can occasionallybe a slight delay with this, Paypal customers will be notified automatically.

8. What happens at the end of my 12 month subscription? Around the time of your subscription expiry date you will receive an email asking you if you wish to renew for the next 12 months. If you do, you don’t need to do anything as your payment will be automatically renewed via Paypal or Go Cardless. If you do not wish to continue you need to cancel your automatic payment and you will then be removed from the subscriber list.

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Monthly Plan – Recurring payment of £9.97/month


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Annual Plan – (best deal) Annual payment of £87

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What Freelance Trainers Are Saying About The Associate Alert Service

I contacted Sharon when I first set up in business as a freelancer purely on the strength of the website and testimonials, and found her generous with both her time and advice. Move forward a couple of months, and the alert service had secured me one of my first contracts, which ultimately resulted in £9,000 worth of business in my first year, plus some new contacts which I have kept using, as well as more interview days for associate work. All in all, a fantastic return on investment for £87 – I think that means you have got my subscription for a few years to come Sharon! Now I just need to make it to one of your workshops…

Annabel Graham

“I have been a member of the Associate Alert Service for just over a year and I have just renewed.

The service is great. Sharon regularly sends out a variety of Associate training opportunities that cover all sectors and all parts of the country. There is always plenty of detail and a direct contact at the client.

I have applied for a couple over the last year and I was successful in my most recent application. The client speaks very highly of the service offered by Sharon.

The great advantage is not the one piece of work you apply for but the start of a new relationship. Finding clients in the big bad world is difficult enough however this process cuts through all of the mess.

The relationship has now moved on and I am now doing additional work with the client so this has the potential to be huge for me.

I cannot recommend this service and Sharon more. You simply must be part of this process if you want your business to be a success.”

Craig Cornwall

“Sharon’s Associate Alert Service is brilliant! I signed up to the service right at the beginning of seeking to gain some associate training work and it’s the only avenue I’ve needed to win all the work I was hoping for. It has delivered return on the investment many times over in just a couple of months and the quality of training opportunities advertised through the service has way surpassed my expectations. If you are looking for associate training opportunities you’d be nuts not to check this out!”

Nick Howes

Sharon’s Associate Alert Service has landed me an excellent client for whom I now deliver regular Leadership and Management training. All I had to do was sign up for Sharon’s Alert service to be sent regular notifications of companies that are looking for trainers. Sometimes it may be things that I don’t offer but then you get a perfect opportunity to engage directly with the client and explain what you can do for them – and the great thing is that they are looking for trainers having already notified Sharon of their requirement, so the door is already open. Such a perfect set-up for finding new clients.

Mark Corder

In April 2015 I joined the sometimes scary world of L&D but quickly found a friendly face and encouraging friend in Sharon Gaskin. Her website was full of fantastic hints and tips, I attended a couple of Webinars and joined her Associate Alert Service. Almost immediately, I started to receive e-mails regularly. Its an excellent source of job opportunities that aren’t seen on your regular alerts posts. I’ve just recently signed up for my first contract from one of Sharon’s Alerts and within 2 weeks of agreeing the contract have doubled my Associate bookings! Thank you Sharon – highly recommended, amazing service!

Barbara Stephenson

I recently started up my own training business and stumbled upon Sharon’s Associate Alert Service and signed up to it. It has been without doubt and absolute transformation in creating a fantastic revenue pipeline for the business…the best investment I have made by a mile. I had so many leads to explore that I didn’t know what to do with them all and had to schedule in a few days to manage them properly!! Loads of them have converted or are in the process of converting to new opportunities to build the business. If you want to explore new ‘live’ training opportunities then I highly recommend this service…it is brilliant!

Ben George

The associate alert service quite simply does exactly what it promises and directly connects me with opportunities. The secret is to respond quickly and with a personalised response and then things happen! I have been registered with the service for two years now and have built countless relationships during this time and secured a steady flow of new business opportunities. my recommendation…. go for it!

Chris Gale

The Associate Alert Service has been a great channel for me to develop my business. I’ve recently been offered a really interesting contract as a result of the service, that I would never have found out about otherwise. There is a huge breadth of opportunities that are offered. To have opportunities just land in your inbox is fantastic.

Amy Reynolds

Signing up for Sharon’s Associate Alert Service has been invaluable for my coaching consulting business. Very frequently I receive notifications of freelance opportunities that are well suited to my skillset and I have successfully secured contractor work and grown my network. The return on this small investment has been incredible.

Christoph Spiessens

I have been working with Sharon for the last six months or, and have found the Associate Alert Service that she runs to be a valuable addition to my marketing activities. Having a stream of warm leads is a luxury that I am getting used to, but am never taking for granted

Leonard Sym

Thanks to Sharon’s alert service, I have just secured more work, making this service well worth the nominal cost. Many thanks Sharon!

Nikki Cinderey

In 2015, Sharon connected me with some fantastic training assignments and training clients. In the last 3 months, I have been involved in L&D projects in the US and several European countries. All of this as a result of Sharon’s Associate Alert Service. Highly recommended.

Mark Hayes

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Monthly Plan – Recurring payment of £9.97/month

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Annual Plan – (best deal) Annual payment of £87

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