Last week, we looked at how to grow your mailing list as a freelance trainer, and why it’s so important to build a list of people who are interested in your services. Staying on the same topic, we’ve put together some ideas of the kind of incentives you can create and offer to grow your list:

  1. Ebook – If you have a number of blog articles on a related topic, you could try bringing them together in the form of an ebook or writing an ebook from scratch. Ebooks can be offered as a free lead generator or sold via your own website or platforms such as Amazon.What is your area of expertise as a freelance trainer? It’s advisable to make this the focus of your ebook.
  1. Course/tutorial – You could offer a short course, tutorial or recording of a training session to people who sign up to your mailing list. As a further incentive, you might offer life-long access. This could introduce an overview of a solution to a common problem that your clients are dealing with and encourage people to contact you if they want more company-specific advice and training. You might want to offer a course of advice emails, worksheets or video tutorials that are delivered by autoresponder over a set time period so that people can sign up at any time and receive a course of information to work through that feels manageable within their schedule.
  1. Webinar – Another option is to run a free webinar, either as a live event or available as a recording. With a live webinar, there is the added incentive of the availability being time-limited, which encourages people to sign up to your list to avoid disappointment. With a recorded webinar, you can keep attracting sign ups long after the webinar is finished, so both approaches have merit.
  1. Checklist – As a freelance trainer, you could create a checklist for managers, for example, to help them assess the training needs of their team. This can be helpful, not only for the client but as something you can discuss together when putting together their training package.
  1. Infographic – You could create an infographic to tell people on your mailing list about key statistics affecting their business right now or statistics associated with the benefits of staff training.
  1. A half-hour consultation – One lead magnet idea for freelance trainers is to offer an exclusive half-hour consultation offer to people who sign up to your mailing list. It doesn’t have to be a free offer but you could offer a discounted price as an incentive or add an element to the consultation that is unique to your mailing list.
  1. Report/whitepaper/survey results – Another idea is to write a report or whitepaper about your industry based on responses to a survey that you create. You could ask people to sign up to your mailing list if they would like to read the survey results and report later in the year.
  1. Online assessment – You could create an online training assessment tool and offer it to people who sign up to your mailing list.
  1. Slideshare/Powerpoint presentation – Create a Slideshare or Powerpoint presentation about a topic that your clients are struggling with and make it available for download.
  1. Templates – You could create a series of templates that are relevant to your training – for example, template scripts for customer service staff – and offer them as a lead magnet.
  1. Toolkit – Why not bring together a list of your favourite tools and resources and offer them as a toolkit? People love to know what professionals use to get the job done, so this can be a great way of providing value and even incorporating affiliate products from other businesses in your lead magnet.


Once you’ve created your lead magnet

Whatever lead magnet you choose to create, I would always recommend that you have a dedicated landing page on your website where the sole focus is securing those all-important sign-ups to your mailing list. This page should reflect the nature of the incentive, the benefits of signing up, and only ask for essential contact details such as a person’s first name and email address. Try to make it free from unnecessary distractions such as page menus and widgets. It’s important to keep an eye on your Google Analytics and mailing list sign-up rates to monitor how your lead magnet is performing. If interest tails off, it might be time to create and offer a new incentive. You should also try to keep in touch with your mailing list regularly and consistently. It’s good practice to tell people at the point of sign-up or when they’re confirming their contact details, how often you plan to keep in touch and in what format.

Do you offer a lead magnet to grow your mailing list? If so, I’d love to hear about it in the Comments section below.

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