There is an abundance of benefits to becoming a freelance trainer and spending your days in the training room doing what you love. However, starting your own training business isn’t always plain sailing. One particular thing that many who are new to the training industry struggle with is selling their training courses to companies and starting to build a portfolio of existing clients can be much more difficult than people assume it will be.

Whilst selling your online courses or face-to-face courses can be quite daunting when you first start a training business it will soon become second nature and the more experience you have, the easier you will find it to turn contacts into clients. If you’re just starting a training business and you’re wondering how to sell training courses to companies, below are some useful tips to get you started in this regard.

Identify your target market

Before you even attempt to start selling your courses, you need to ensure that you know who you’re going to try and sell to. Whilst selling to everyone might sound like a good idea, having a vast audience can actually do more harm than good and you’re best to narrow down your audience to a more specific target market. This will then enable you to try and sell to people who are most likely to become clients.

Ensure you know how you’re able to help a company

Knowing how a client can benefit from working with you is essential when it comes to selling training courses to companies and you need to have an idea of what a client is able to get out of your training. In addition to this, you should also ensure you know what makes you different from other trainers and being able to state what sets you apart from the competition will give you a better chance of selling your training courses.

Offer taster sessions for your courses

There is some controversy surrounding taster sessions but for many freelance trainers, they are really effective. Giving companies a free or reduced rate for a shorter session that provides an insight into what you do can help you to sell your training courses. Not only do taster sessions enable you to introduce yourself and show what you can offer, but they give you a foot in the door too and they can be a very successful way to attract new business.

Market your training courses in the right ways

It can be easy to underestimate the importance of marketing but when you first start a training business marketing is vital for creating interest around your business and the training courses that you provide. Think carefully about the type of marketing you’re going to use and always have your target market in mind when making decisions in this regard. Using a combination of things like email marketing and social media is often most effective.

Don’t forget about repeat business

Even if you only have a handful of clients when you first start a training business, you shouldn’t overlook turning to these clients when you’re trying to sell training courses. Simply put, it is always easier to sell to someone who knows your capabilities first-hand than it is to attract new business. Spend some time thinking about how else you can help your existing clients and what other training courses you might be able to sell them.

Attend the best networking events

Another easier way to get business is through people you know and this is why attending networking events and expanding your contacts is so important, especially for freelancers and start-up businesses. By meeting like-minded people at networking events, you’re more likely to be presented with opportunities to promote your business and sell your training courses to companies. So, ensure you’re not missing out on these events.

Running a successful training business

Ultimately, there is no denying that selling training courses is essential when you run a business in the training industry and it is vital that you have enough courses booked to make your business profitable. Hopefully, the information above will be beneficial if you’re looking for guidance to help you sell your courses and when taking these tips into consideration, you will find it easier to ensure that you have enough existing clients.

If you’re starting a training business and you’re looking for some general advice, feel free to explore The Trainers Training Company website. We can provide you with a number of invaluable resources that will help you to grow your new business and we can even offer you training programs that are specifically designed for freelance trainers. Uniquely, we can also provide one-to-one mentoring as you start your training business to ensure that you have the best possible chance of business success. To find out more about how we can help, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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