It’s true that effective networking is crucial to the success of your training business, even more so in the start-up phase when you are keen to develop new contacts. And with so many networking events around these days there’s no shortage of opportunities to meet people and build business relationships. You should be aware though that many of these networking events cost time and money and without careful planning can drain your energy and cash.

Why not keep it simple and start with people you know?

If you have just come out of corporate life, make a list of the all the people you had regular contact with – friends and colleagues in your own organisation as well as outside suppliers. Then think about past employers- who do you still have links with? Do you belong to any professional groups such as your local CIPD? Who do you know there? Have you been on any courses recently? If so, did you get to know anyone in particular? Do you have their business card? After doing this exercise you I can guarantee you will be amazed at how many business contacts you already have and it hasn’t cost you a penny!

The next step is to gather their contact information, get it on your database and give them a call. Tell them about your new business and how they can contact you. Just that. You’re not asking for any business and it may be that they are not in a position to provide it anyway. All you are doing is making contact and sowing the seeds for the future.


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