How To Charge What You’re Worth, And Get Paid On Time (every time)

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Brought to You by Sharon Gaskin & Alex Hewlett

We’re all in business to earn a living, and to have a good work/life balance. 

Yet there may be times when financial success seems elusive! 

This webinar recording is about the financial aspects of running a training business successfully. It deals particularly with two thorny issues. That moment when the client says “And how much will it cost?” And the difficulty of getting paid – even though the training course was a roaring success. 

If we’re going to be successful, we must know how much we need to charge to make enough to live on, and how much we can charge based on what we’re worth. 

But the work we do is of no value to us until the client pays the bill!

Here's What You Will Learn On This Webinar:

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    How to work out a daily rate that will guarantee a sustainable training business ….. we will show you a simple and foolproof process!
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    Some key things you can do to turn your business into a truly profitable one by enabling you to charge a much higher daily rate
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     Practical strategies that will help you to get your invoices paid on time – every time!

About Sharon 

I’m the Founder of The Trainers Training Company, the UK’s premier resource to help freelance trainers create and grow successful businesses. I have been in training and development for 25 years both as a corporate Training Manager, freelance trainer and business owner. As a freelance trainer myself I have had direct experience and insights into the challenges involved in running a successful training business. The Trainers Training Company was established in 2009 as a direct response to the needs and requests that came from other freelance trainers who were struggling to get their businesses off the ground or wanted to make their existing businesses much more profitable. I am passionate about helping freelance trainers to succeed and enjoy the adventure of being a business owner! 

About Alex 

I’m a Chartered Accountant, and was seconded to Grant Thornton’s training centre after I’d spent about 5 years in mainstream practice. Like many of us, I fell into training accidentally. My 3 month secondment became 3 years, after which I set up my own training business. That was 23 years ago now! 

I specialise in all things financial, but focus on the non-financial people in business. My core aim is to help people understand and improve profit and cashflow. 

In the early days of my business I often struggled to get enough work at a good daily rate, and also had clients who seemed reluctant to pay the bill on time! Thankfully my financial knowledge and expertise enabled me to develop some processes and strategies to overcome this …. and these are the ones I will be sharing in the Webinar. 

Here’s what you will learn…

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     How to decide if associate work is right for you – what you need to know before you go jumping in!
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    How to find associate opportunities without overwhelm – 5 simple strategies you can use to track training companies down
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    How to access if a particular training company is a good match for you and your skills – as well as your bank balance!
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    How to make a speculative approach to a training company confidently and with purpose – the best way of getting your foot in the door
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     How to increase your chances of being successful in getting associate work – what turns training companies off and what they look for in potential associates
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    The 1 thing you must do if you want to make a massive difference to your success rate of getting work as an associate – guaranteed!

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