There is no denying that reviews are a brilliant marketing tool, however, so many freelance trainers don’t have any reviews for prospective clients to read. Some will forget to ask their clients for feedback following a training session and others will feel awkward asking for reviews, but reaching out to clients whilst your services are still fresh in their minds is always worthwhile. Unfortunately, you can’t always rely on clients to leave a review on their own accord though. 

If you’ve never asked training clients for reviews before and you’re wondering why they’re so important, keep reading today. Below we have looked into some of the different ways reviews can help you get more freelance trainer jobs, regardless of whether you’re an experienced trainer or you’ve only just started your training business. 

Increase your credibility and trustworthiness

It isn’t uncommon for people to trust reviews as much as they do personal recommendations and almost everyone will read a handful of reviews before deciding to invest in a business. When you ask your training clients to leave you reviews, you will be increasing your credibility and there is a higher chance that prospective clients will choose you to deliver their training. Even negative reviews, when handled correctly, won’t necessarily hinder your trustworthiness. 

Enhance your reputation 

Using a range of different review pages, from Google reviews to Facebook reviews, can help you to enhance your reputation and get your training business name out there. Your reviews will directly influence the beliefs and opinions that are generally held about your training business, and they can help to ensure that you’re being known for the specific training programmes you provide. Your reputation is an intangible asset and it will help you to maintain a competitive edge. 

Make sure your business is being found on Google 

Many don’t realise that your reviews actually influence search engines too and having good reviews can help to increase your page rankings. For example, when clients leave you Google reviews, your business is more likely to be prioritised as Google wants to recommend the most suitable and credible businesses. SEO is something that all training businesses should be aware of and investing time in SEO can help you to get more freelance trainer jobs. 

Encourage new clients to book 

When you have a range of reviews from previous clients on your website or Facebook page, it can encourage new clients to book training courses with you. When they know that other companies have benefited from your training sessions and that you actually provide the high-quality service you say you do, they’ll be less nervous about booking with you. Booking an unknown trainer can be daunting, but reviews can take away some of the fear of doing so. 

Stand out for all of the right reasons 

Ensuring that you’re not being overlooked by prospective clients is essential to booking enough freelance trainer jobs to make your business profitable. Reviews from previous clients about their first-hand experience of your training courses can help you to ensure that you’re standing out from the crowd for all of the right reasons. How you acknowledge and respond to the reviews you get will also help to attract new training clients. 

Boost your confidence 

Staying motivated when you’re a freelancer isn’t always easy and positive reviews can actually help you to provide the highest level of service to both existing and prospective clients alike. Reading your reviews whenever you need a boost will affect how confident you are in your ability and being confident is key to booking freelance trainer jobs. Having a reminder of how your training sessions make a difference will help you to sell your training to new clients too. 

Growing your freelance training business

All in all, it goes without saying that every freelancer trainer should be putting time and effort into getting reviews from previous clients. Showcasing positive reviews really can make a huge difference to the number of freelance trainer jobs you book and this is arguably one of the simplest marketing tools out there, so it’s definitely worth taking advantage of. 

Should you be trying to grow your training business and you’re searching for some more expert guidance to help you do so, be sure to take a look at the other blogs on The Trainers Training Company website. There are also a number of other resources on the website to help you improve your training business and you can download free reports which will be invaluable. With the option to arrange one-to-one mentoring too, growing a successful and profitable training business couldn’t be easier with the help of The Trainers Training Company.

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