How do you go about coming up with a business name?

To be honest, this part can be one of the most fun when launching a new training business!  And one of the best suggestions we can come up with is to invite a few good buddies over with a couple of bottles of wine and brainstorm different themes.

OK, so alcohol may not be your ideal way to spend an evening but the principles of being in a relaxed state of mind is important.  Being creative can be difficult to many people, especially if your head is full of practical marketing issues and business planning topics.  And the more relaxed you are, the more creative you will find yourself being.

Some themes to brainstorm with:

  • Variations of your personal name
  • Variations of the place/house/road you live in
  • Favourite plants, countries or food
  • Variations on the actual training programmes that you plan to deliver
  • Themes and topics from the specific industry you want to work in

What ideas have you used to come up with a business name so far?  Share your thoughts by adding a comment below.


Won't be long!

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