Just recently I did a very brief survey of buyers of training to find out how they sourced their training providers and how they like to be approached. Here are 3 key points that came out:

1. Cold Calling is A Waste Of Time

It was generally agreed that cold callers are an irritant, a pain and an unwelcome intrusion into the working day. This was certainly my feeling too when I was on the ‘other side’ as a Training Manager. All of the people I spoke to said they would never consider buying any training from a cold call.

2. Direct Mail or E Mail Shots Is a Waste Of Time (And Your Money) Too

What also came out from the training buyers I spoke to is that mail generally goes in the bin and is very unlikely to get their attention. E mail generally does not get through the corporate firewalls and spam filters.

3. Most Freelance Trainers Are Sourced Through Personal Recommendations

When buyers of training have a need they want to fulfil they generally look within their own networks for advice and recommendations on who to go to. This does not necessarily mean that they are always asking other HR and Training Managers, it could be colleagues within other areas of the business, past colleagues, friends or family.

Food for thought?


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