When deciding to become a freelance consultant or trainer, everyone has high hopes of running a successful, profitable and future-fit business, but this isn’t always as easy as it might sound. There will be a number of hurdles to overcome to get to the stage where you’re able to be in the training room doing what you love and when you first start out it is likely that you will be thinking; Where do I get clients from? How do I get people to find me? Where can I find venues at the best rates? And how do I find Associate Work?

Thankfully, starting and growing a consulting business can be made less daunting by working with a training provider and they can assist you in a number of different ways as you embark on this new journey. If you haven’t considered working with a training provider as you first start offering consulting services, below we have looked into how they can help you at this time. 

Provide invaluable resources 

A training provider can supply you with useful resources that can be of assistance as you navigate through different aspects of being a freelance consultant. Many of the resources that they provide will be completely free of charge and the content within the reports they have put together specifically for people in your position really will be invaluable. Often written by trainers and consultants themselves, these resources will provide you with the insight you need. 

Offer useful training programmes

Just because you’re going into consulting doesn’t mean that you won’t require some training yourself to enable you to provide the exemplary consulting services you’re wanting to offer. As the name suggests, a training provider will be able to provide you with different training programmes that can help you to grow your consulting business. These programmes can give you the knowledge you require to stand out from the crowd in this competitive market. 

Arrange networking events 

It isn’t uncommon for training providers to arrange networking events for those who run training and consulting businesses, enabling them to connect with like-minded people and join a supportive community. Attending these events provides you with an opportunity to share your challenges and gain practical advice from long-standing consultants that you can take away and implement straight away. These events will also help to boost your motivation as you attempt to grow your consulting business. 

Provide opportunities for work 

Many of the best training providers will also offer you opportunities for associate contracts and direct client work. Getting experience is essential when you’re growing your consulting business and the opportunities you get sent to your inbox from a training provider can help you to build a portfolio of existing clients. This service alone is reason enough to turn to a training provider and it can prevent you from spending hours trawling through job sites looking for opportunities. 

Give one-to-one guidance 

When they have the experience, skill and knowledge required, training providers can even offer you one-to-one mentoring as you set up and start to grow your business. This guidance in the early stages can be incredibly helpful and it will provide you with the encouragement and support you’re likely to need. A mentor will assist you in overcoming any obstacles in the way of you achieving business success too, making your individual goals seem more achievable.

Finding a training provider to aid your business

All in all, it is fair to say that working with a training provider when you’re growing a consulting business can be incredibly beneficial. Building a successful business from the ground up can be undeniably difficult, but a training provider can help to make things slightly easier for you and there is no denying that they can aid your business growth. So, you definitely shouldn’t overlook getting some assistance from a training provider. 

When you’re trying to find a training provider that can help you grow your consulting business, be sure to take a look at The Trainers Training Company website. We can assist you in every way mentioned above and we are renowned as a resource to help freelance trainers and consultants create and grow a successful business. No matter what you may specialise in, you can rely on us to help you get your consulting business off the ground and if you have any questions at all regarding how we can help in this regard, feel free to contact us today. 



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