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Why bother with online?

Provision of online training is now the second largest area outsourced by training departments

The global e-learning industry is predicted to reach $325bn by 2025

Today’s conversations with clients ask ‘if’ you do online training – pretty soon it’ll be ‘what do you provide online?’

Learning the skills you need before you need them will save you time and money

You’ll know exactly how to have that conversation with your potential client and how to price your services

You can develop an additional income stream that doesn’t need you to be present – or even awake!

Let me introduce you to someone I call the Queen of Online:

Ginette Tessier, founder of Get That Course Online, Trainer Talk Ambassador, Trainer Talk Local Leader, The Trainers Training Company and Trainer Talk Webmaster and my co-host on Trainer Talk the Podcast!

I’m Sharon Gaskin, the founder of The Trainers Training Company which has now become the premier resource for freelance trainers who want to create and grow successful and profitable training businesses. Since starting The Trainers Training Company 10 years ago I have trained and mentored hundreds of freelance trainers and helped them to start or turn their training businesses around.

I first worked with Ginette in her first year of business – she, like many new freelance trainers, was trying to work out how to create a business that worked for her. Before long, Ginette became a regular contributor to the Trainer Talk community and even offered to put on a free webinar to talk through her experience of online training.

It was obvious to me that Ginette has a real talent for taking something that can be overwhelming and technically complicated and breaking it down into manageable chunks that are easy to learn and implement. That, combined with her passion for helping fellow freelance trainers be ready to embrace everything online can add to a business, puts her in strong alignment with my values.


Not only did I ask Ginette to be one of my founder Ambassadors for Trainer Talk, I was also delighted to guide her in her decision to convert her whole business into an online model – and not only that but niche down to specifically helping freelance trainers! When I decided I wanted to start Trainer Talk the Podcast for freelance trainers, Ginette was my natural choice for co-host as she not only brings the technical expertise, but also the same outlook about helping freelance trainers create successful and profitable training businesses.

If you’ve thought about adding online to your portfolio, or even if you’ve tried before and given up, I strongly recommend that you work with Ginette – she’ll guide you through all you need to think about and help you Get That Course Online!

Here are what some fellow freelance trainers have to say about working with Ginette:

Ways to work with Ginette:

Tick Mark  Done By You

If you’re happy working through things at your own time and your own pace, then Done By You is perfect!
In a series of comprehensive online courses, Ginette offers you everything you need to know where to start, what to think about and when and most importantly HOW to create effective and engaging online courses!

You can buy each course individually, or take advantage of one of two bundles available:

-> Foundation Package: includes the Easy Online Course Builder online course which gives you a structural process with sales and marketing in mind, the final replay of the Finished in Five Challenge (five webinars delivered as a follow-along challenge) and the webinar replay of ‘Bash Those Blockers’ where you will find out how to beat the gremlins in your quest to Get That Course Online!

-> Masterclass VIP: full access to all current and future Masterclasses

Tick Mark  Done With You – Mentoring

> One-to-one bespoke training (usually monthly over 3-6 months)

> This mentoring is designed for those who want tailored training, a clear action plan and accountability to integrate online in their business

> Monthly 60 minute virtual meetings provide you with the specific training you need, when you need it, with homework assigned as required!

> We agree your goal at the first meeting and everything is geared towards achieving success

> You also get access to Ginette’s members’ only group where you can ask questions at any time and hear back from other freelance trainers creating online courses.


£200 + VAT per month

2020 dates: Whenever you’re ready to begin

Tick Mark  Course Creator Bootcamp

> Three day, all-inclusive, residential Bootcamp training

> Small group (max 10) immersive training where you arrive with a laptop and leave with an online course ready for sales, a sales and marketing plan and three months’ free advertising 

> Pay to get there and back (it’s in Bournemouth), everything else is included

> Access to technical filming and editing equipment and software is provided

> You essentially get locked in a room with Ginette and your fellow Bootcampers for 3 days!


£2,000 + VAT (Early Bird prices and payment plans available)

2020 dates: April 26-28 (arrive April 25)

November 15-17 (arrive November 14)


Want to talk over what might be right for you? Connect with Ginette on LinkedIn and arrange a free Fifteen-Minute-Focus session!


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