How To Create A Future-Fit Training Business: Online Programme

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A 6-week intensive programme,

designed and delivered by Sharon Gaskin and Ginette Tessier

The price goes up on Sept 1st 2020.

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If you got a call from a client today, would you be ready to deliver tomorrow?

Could you confidently provide a programme seamlessly blending all three types of training delivery?

  • We are in an unusual time – but it won’t stay this way forever
  • It’s more important than ever to focus on making sure your business is future-fit
  • Right now HR directors, L&D leads and Training Managers are thinking about what their future training programmes will look like now they know online is a viable option
  • As soon as they can, they’ll be looking for trainers who can easily and eloquently discuss a truly blended programme
  • You have the gift of time now to do a thorough business ‘spring clean’ and make sure your business is ready to respond as soon as they’re ready to ask!

And we’re here to help …

I’m Sharon Gaskin, I’m the founder of The Trainers Training Company which has now become the premier resource for freelance trainers who want to create and grow successful and profitable training businesses.

After a 13 year successful corporate training career I took the plunge and went freelance in 2001. In my early days as a freelance trainer, I found things incredibly hard. I hated the whole idea of marketing and selling, the constant pressure of trying to get work and the uncertainty of knowing if I would get any money from 1 month to the next. I got disillusioned with going to networking events that didn’t get me anywhere. I used to despair about how I would ever get corporate clients and breakaway from low value associate work.

Quite frankly – I was a good trainer but I didn’t know anything about running a training business. After a while I decided to put together a system that would help me turn my training business around. I wanted to breakaway from associate work and start getting my own corporate clients. I wanted to be able to get clients whenever I needed them. I wanted to create income streams that I could depend on.

Once I created my system, things changed. I started to enjoy marketing. I was able to get clients whenever I went to networking events. And my clients were willing to pay my fees, because they realized how much value they were getting by working with me! My system helped me build up a successful training business with clients such as Zurich, Huntswood, Europ Assistance and Lloyds.

You will learn my whole system for creating a successful training business during this programme.

Since starting The Trainers Training Company 11 years ago I have trained and mentored hundreds of freelance trainers and helped them to start or turn their training businesses around.

I’m Ginette Tessier, I’m the founder of Get That Course Online which helps trainers and other subject matter experts integrate engaging and effective online courses into their business.

After 20+ years in corporate life (where I was lucky enough to be supported in becoming a qualified trainer in addition to the day job) I took the plunge into freelance life after choosing redundancy in late 2014. I quickly fell in love with the possibilities and potential of online courses, but struggled to find anyone to learn from who focused on providing a great learner experience as the key reason for course creation. There were plenty of ‘get-rich-quick’ snake-oil sellers out there (still are)!

So I decided to thoroughly investigate what constitutes best practice in online course creation. Over a period of about six months initially (and up to this day really), I researched, investigated, read, listened, watched, questioned, tried, failed and finally succeeded in creating online courses that delivered what they promised – a great experience and ‘proper’ learning.

At this point, things changed for me. Even though I was still running face to face training, coaching and consulting in my business, more and more trainers and other subject matter experts were turning to me for help in navigating the world of online courses – I was regularly fielding questions about the tech, the design, the delivery and of course marketing and sales. In 2018, I decided to shift my business model to almost 100% online, helping people ‘Get That Course Online’ (which was followed in 2019 by Get That Website Online). I haven’t looked back!


You will learn everything you need to add online training to your business during this programme. We will build your first online course together!

What you will get with this programme:

Tick Mark What a future-fit training business looks like in the context of our current situation

Tick Mark How you can avoid the struggles and challenges that most freelance trainers come up against

Tick Mark The one thing you can do which will really get you excited about selling and marketing and spur you into action, immediately!

Tick Mark Specific techniques that will bring in a steady stream of clients

Tick Mark How to stop wasting time, money and energy on marketing methods that don’t produce results and start using the ones that do

Tick Mark A proven system for getting direct clients and corporate business

Tick Mark  How to get clients to come to you – even in this market

Tick Mark  How to use social media to build your profile and get known for what you do

Tick Mark  Why it is vitally important to charge what you are worth if you want to have a sustainable business

Tick Mark  Advice on how to work out what to charge so that you stay competitive without going broke

Tick Mark  Advice on how to get paid what you are worth, every time

Tick Mark Understand the strengths of each type of training delivery that future-fit trainers will need

Tick Mark The best place to start when creating online courses so you don’t waste time or effort going in the wrong direction

Tick Mark The specific recipe for creating online courses that means marketing and selling is easy to achieve

Tick Mark How to ensure you’re creating something people want in an online course

Tick Mark The exact tech you will need to create online courses – and how to not spend a fortune on things you don’t need

Tick Mark  What the best options are for hosting your course – whether you are aiming at B2C or B2B

Tick Mark  How to film your course even if you hate being on camera!

Tick Mark  How to create a sustainable pricing strategy for your programmes and courses, whether they’re single or blended delivery

Tick Mark  Advice on how to bash the common blockers that stop most online courses from seeing the light of day

Tick Mark  How to successfully launch your course in a way that feels completely authentic for you

Tick Mark  Advice on how to level up your courses for best engagement


When does the next programme start?


How exactly does the programme work?

There are 12 live Webinars, every Wednesday at 11:00-12:00 and 14:00-15:00 UK Time. All webinars are recorded so you don’t have to worry if you can’t attend live. These are 12 content specific training workshops covering essential strategies you need to know to develop a future-fit training business.

We will also run weekly Live Catch Up sessions on Zoom on Sundays, where you can ask us about any issue you are finding a challenge, plus check in with others on the programme.

We have a private Facebook group where you will be able to post questions and get to know your fellow course mates. We’ll be posting your Activities here so you can apply what you’re learning to your own business.


What happens if the lockdown is lifted before we're finished?

We’ll review the timing of the webinars, but the programme will continue for the full six weeks. You will have access to replays anyway, so you won’t miss out if a nice bit of client work comes along!

What does the programme cover?

Access to 12 training webinars and lots of bonuses. if you follow the programme and do the work, you will also finish with a completed online course!

What's in Webinar 1?

What a future-fit training business looks like

• Covid-19 in context and what this means for future training delivery

The Secrets of Success – the biggest challenges and struggles that freelance trainers come up against and how you can avoid them

• Top mistakes that freelancers make in their businesses and how to avoid them

• Why you must create a foundation for your training business in order to be successful

• Key steps you must take before you even think about going out and networking!

• The one extremely important mindshift that you must make to become a successful freelance trainer

• Proven techniques for making your training business successful right from the start

What's in Webinar 2?

The Triangle of Training Delivery – understanding the different types

• The strengths of each type of training delivery and how to know which to use and when

• What you need in place to be ready to successfully create online courses

• The principle options for using online courses in your business

• The blockers that can stop you in your tracks – and how to bash them into submission!

What's in Webinar 3?

How to Love Selling and Marketing

• Limiting beliefs trainers have about selling and marketing

• How to use the skills you already have to make more sales

• The one thing you can do that will transform your approach to selling and marketing

• A useful structure you can use for meeting with potential clients

• Specific marketing methods you can use in your business

• How to work out which marketing methods are right for you and will get you results

What's in Webinar 4?

Why You’re Not Really Creating An Online Course (but here’s what you are creating instead)

• Understanding transformation and how it affects your choice of topic

• Ways to truly understand your target audience

• How to position your online course in a way that your audience will immediately ‘get’ – and love

• What this all means for your pricing strategy

• Why you definitely don’t need to worry about ‘free stuff on YouTube’

What's in Webinar 5?

How To Work Out What To Charge

• Why most freelance trainers worry about fees and what you can do about it

• 6 reasons why you should charge what you are worth right from the start

• How to decide on a price for a piece of work

• How to charge what you are worth and get hired

What's in Webinar 6?

Structure and Tech

• Why designing online training is completely different to designing live

• How to design online courses for maximum engagement and effectiveness

• The minimum tech you need for online courses – and why you don’t need to spend a fortune

• The four options available for hosting your courses and how to pick what’s right for you

What's in Webinar 7?

How To Get Direct Clients and Corporate Business

• Why you SHOULD and CAN get corporate clients

• How to save time, money and energy by making sure you are meeting the right people for your business

• 4 key strategies that will help you to meet training decision makers – without resorting to cold calling

• Results of my survey of Training Managers and Buyers of Training – what strategies get their attention and how do they source training providers?

What's in Webinar 8?

Delivery, Downloads and Data

• How to decide the ‘right’ way to deliver your online course for maximum engagement

• Why you don’t have to be on camera all the time if you don’t want to (phew!)

• Easy ways to add 80% extra value for only 20% extra effort

• First feedback – how to make sure you’re on track and don’t waste hours in frustration

What's in Webinar 9?

How To Get Clients To Come To You

• Why clients will come to you and how you can attract them

• Why clients buy solutions and how you can convince them you have what they need

• The best way to get referrals, recommendations and introductions

• How to get recognised as an expert

• How to build your profile and get known for what you do

What's in Webinar 10?

Selling Online Courses – the why, what and how

• Why your sales page is not an important as you might think, but how to construct a great one anyway!

• The ‘persuasion switches’ you can turn on and off to get people coming to you

• The best ways to launch your course

• How to position your online course moving forward

• How to use your online course to get new contacts and clients

What's in Webinar 11?

How to Get Associate Work

• How to decide if associate work is right for you – what you need to know before you go jumping in!

• How to find associate opportunities without overwhelm – 5 simple strategies you can use to track training companies down

• How to access if a particular training company is a good match for you and your skills – as well as your bank balance!

• How to make a speculative approach to a training company confidently and with purpose – the best way of getting your foot in the door

• How to increase your chances of being successful in getting associate work – what turns training companies off and what they look for in potential associates

• How to stand out in the crowded marketplace

• The 1 thing you must do if you want to make a massive difference to your success rate of getting work as an associate – guaranteed!

What's in Webinar 12?

Level Up – what’s next and how to get there

• The future of e-learning – what’s coming over the horizon (and what’s already here)

• Gamification – what it is and how you can use it (and how you already are)

• Co-creation – greater opportunities through joining forces

• Different types of video – having fun with other software – and selling it! 

Here are some trainers who have already successfully learnt from Sharon and Ginette:

I recently took part in Sharon’s Online Programme – How to Create a Successful and Profitable Training Business, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Before doing the course I had lots of ideas for my business but didn’t really know how to put all of those in to action, but Sharon helped me (and the rest of the group) work through various aspects in a methodical way that felt manageable.

I loved the support and feedback that came from everyone taking part in the course, and I came away feeling inspired as well as having more confidence to move my business forward. I would definitely recommend it to any trainers!

Anna Bezodis

As someone building a training and coaching business, taking part in Sharon’s online course was super helpful. It gave me lots of brilliant tools, ideas and strategies that have helped me move on in really tangible ways, and really reduced the sense of isolation of working as a freelancer.

Sharon is generous with her wisdom, experience and encouragement and manages to foster that in participants. Highly recommended, and I’m not one to part with money easily!

Emily Bradbury

Sharon’s six-week programme “How To Create a Successful and Profitable Training Business” was an eye-opener. I’ve been a freelance trainer for 5 years, and so I was delighted to discover some processes and opportunities I hadn’t thought of before.

It’s a great programme, and contributed to my building courage in taking the next steps for my business on my own terms. But what is really special is Sharon’s capacity to enable, equip, and nurture a supportive community around the course structure (and beyond).

This makes it unique, and so valuable. I joined Trainer Talk Online as soon as the course ended, and I’m still benefiting from this wonderfully pragmatic and supportive environment. It was a no-brainer.

Sarah Robins-Hobden

I took the five-day challenge “To get that course online” 

I wanted a face paced course which would keep me focused, give me best practice, sound advice and honest feedback.  Did Ginette deliver?  You bet! 

This course was packed with information to get digital with your training.  With one hour long live webinars for the five days, bursting with all the basic information needed to get that course online, followed by challenging homework to keep you focused and working towards that end goal. 

Was it a challenge?  Yes. And that’s what I expected!  I am a technophobic freelance trainer after all.  But do you know what?  I got a course online, I have the basic tools to make my next course even better, polished and ready to sell.  Ginette has a great style which keeps you interested, with fast moving delivery to maintain engagement.  She is encouraging and makes you feel able to achieve something which I thought would be out of my reach.  With ‘oodles’ of experience to share I would not hesitate to buy another of Ginette’s courses when I move to the next level and require further development. Thank you!

Debra Pitchford

I had been developing an online offering for some time… something of an ‘opus magna’ that kept changing shape and was in serious danger of getting stuck.

Having read some of Ginette’s blogs I totally recognised some of the blockers she identified so decided to take the challenge… one of the best decisions I have made.

The course is well structured and balanced and demonstrates the principles of creating great online learning (as you would expect!).

I have been able to take the learning and apply it immediately, not only in the FiF format but also into my wider offering which will be stronger because of it.

Thanks Ginette, I really appreciate your support and boundless enthusiasm that was important due to how and when I was looking at the sessions.

Fred Copestake

If you are planning to add online training to your business, you will definitely benefit from the wealth of knowledge Ginette brings to the party. She demonstrated best practice throughout and kept everyone engaged and involved. Ginette has a wealth of practical no-nonsense knowledge about how all of this stuff works – she helped me to get started and motivated me to work it all out. If you want to overcome the overwhelm, you will definitely benefit from working with Ginette!

Shelley Fishel

I joined Trainer Talk and after listening to rave reviews from other members, quickly booked onto Sharon’s online programme.  I had been delivering training for over 15 years, but in a fairly ad hoc way, and I deeply regret not having done Sharon’s programme sooner. It is absolutely brilliant!  I learned so much and have started to systematically apply the learning.   I can already see huge changes in my own mindset and confidence, with significant impact on turnover too!

Sharon is warm, approachable and extremely generous with her knowledge, wisdom and experience.  The format of the programme worked very well for me – I wasn’t able to attend the webinars in real time, but caught up as and when I could.  I religiously worked through the worksheets.  This is where I got the most benefit.  I felt inspired and motivated to really think about what I wanted to achieve, where I wanted to be and how best to get there.

I would highly recommend Sharon’s programme to any trainer, whatever their level of experience.  You will get a massive return on your investment.

Christine Morrison

I have to give a big shout out to Ginette – I’ve just started going through one of her products. I was so impressed an inspired by the contents, so interactive. The little tricks she does on screen are fabulous – wish I’d consulted her first. If you’re looking to include online as one of your revenue streams, I highly recommend Ginette.

Audrey Bodman

Ginette is really knowledgeable and supportive and you’ll come away with the confidence to make online work for you. I now feel equipped to get stuck in to creating and selling high quality online courses. I’d strongly recommend working with Ginette to anyone keen to get into online courses.

Terry Pearce

I joined the Trainer Talk network earlier this year and I recently completed Sharon’s Online Programme – How To Create a Successful and Profitable Training Business. Both the course and the network have been brilliant.

The course covered everything I needed to know about being a self-employed trainer and I feel much more confident about expanding my business in directions I hadn’t even thought of.

The support from the Trainer Talk community has been excellent too. Sharon personally takes time to get to know each member and as a result, she has created an open community who are welcoming and happy to share their knowledge and expertise.

Michelle Pratt

Your Bonuses

Webinar Notes and Slides

You will receive detailed notes and slides from each Webinar. They are a written version of the classes and you will be able to use them to review all the strategies that we discuss to make sure you don’t miss anything out. 



We will be posting Activities which will help you think through the points discussed in the programme, apply them to your own business and produce a simple Action Plan. We want you to get maximum value from the programme by turning all your ideas and thoughts into ACTION.

Weekly Live Catch Up/Q&A Sessions

We have also built weekly Live Catch Up/Q&A Sessions into the Programme. These will give you the opportunity to hop onto a live online meeting and discuss any of the topics we’re covering in more detail, especially as they relate to your own personal situation. A great chance to get to know other people on the programme too and learn from the answers to their questions too!! 


Private Programme Group

A private Facebook community for the duration of this programme – a great place to ask questions, get advice, share information, and get support. 

By the end of this programme you will:



Have a clear plan on the things you need to do to develop and grow your business, it’s easy when you know how!



You’ll have stopped worrying and overthinking and instead be ready to take ACTION!



By other people who face the same business challenges as you do and are willing to help you every step of the way – this includes us! 



Truly believe in yourself and your ability to make this happen and create the business you want!

Are you READY to take ACTION and CREATE your FUTURE-FIT training business?

One great programme, two payment options:

Pay In Full

£497 + VAT


12 live training sessions

Weekly Catch Up/Q & A

Webinar notes and slides

Activities and action plans

Private programme group 

Payment Plan

6 x £82.84 + VAT


12 live training sessions

Weekly Catch Up/Q & A

Webinar notes and slides

Activities and action plans

Private programme group

The price goes up on September 1st 2020 – register on the priority list now to lock in the current price and save £100!

(No money required until September.)

Number of days until the price goes up:

It’s time to take ACTION!


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