I’m amazed at the number of freelance trainers I know who are NOT actively using Twitter.

As I’m a great believer in the value of Twitter I’m really trying to encourage other trainers to get on board and to start using Twitter as part of their marketing mix. But there does still seem to be a general reluctance to fully embrace it!

Could it be that people don’t fully understand it or just don’t get it?

Could it be that people have the wrong perception about it and think it’s all about cheese sandwiches?

Could it be that people think it’s a waste of time and that time spent on Twitter could be better spent elsewhere?

Or could it be that people don’t believe they will get any business from it?

Whatever the reason – if you are not using Twitter you are missing a trick.

I have found Twitter to be a great way of connecting with people and building a network fast. I have been amazed at the number of people I have managed to connect with in a short space of time and also how many of these people are now actively helping me with my business and vice versa.

Using Twitter can also drive people to your blog and website. If people start to follow you and like what you are saying they will naturally become interested in your business. And Twitter is no different to other forms of networking in that people will recommend and refer people they like to others.

And yes – as one of my clients will testify (she was offered the opportunity to pitch for the opportunity to develop and run a Teambulding programme for a pharmaceutical company recently which came via a Twitter contact) you can get business from it!


Won't be long!

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