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Most freelance trainers have tight marketing budgets and are always looking for ways to get results with less spend. Did you know that there is one marketing strategy with a high probability of success that won’t cost you anything?

This strategy is actively building links with other freelance trainers.

 When you first start out as a freelance trainer and you are considering your marketing strategy, I’m pretty sure that actively networking with other trainers wouldn’t be right up there at the top of your list. And the reason why it probably wouldn’t be on the top of your list is that when you first start out as as a freelancer it’s natural to assume that other freelance trainers are the competition and so you wouldn’t go anywhere near them, let alone try and network with them!

A really good reason for building links with other trainers is that they can pass you work they don’t want to do.

Let’s think about why this might happen:

1. Already booked on the day the client wants and it HAS to be on that day

2. Travelling a long distance or overnight stay interferes with family commitments.

3. Not licenced or qualified to deliver what the client wants – so, I’m thinking here of things like MBTI, SDI or Level A/B.

4. Not their specialist area and there are other people who could probably do it better than them.

5. Rate being offered is less than they would like.


So, there are at least 5 reasons why – just possibly – another freelance trainer would say no to some work. And when you are in this situation with a client, as I have been myself in the past, you want to be able to recommend someone else – you don’t want the client to have to go to the trouble of finding someone else, you want to still be there on their radar. When you can recommend someone else, when you can provide an alternative the client will generally be very appreciative and more likely to want to carry on using you in the future.




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