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You’re already a brilliant trainer, but how do you run a freelance training business so that it’s profitable, fun, and gives you the lifestyle you desire?

Instead of floundering in the dark trying to find new clients and then figure out what to charge them, I’ve put together an amazing starter kit featuring three bumper guides – all packed full of practical hints, tips, and advice.

Download your FREE freelance trainer starter kit and you’ll discover:

🌐 The importance of consistent marketing
🎯 Why you should niche
🤝 Tips to harness the power of your network
🤼‍♂️ Why you need to have a clear target audience
📱 Why social media will help you grow your business
📊 The fundamental numbers you need to know to run a profitable business
💰 Practical tips for pricing your training services
🔍 Where to find new clients without using pushy sales tactics
🔄 And how to keep clients coming back for more

Included are practical activities and worksheets, as well as links to articles, courses and other resources from The Trainers Training Company that have been created to help you build a thriving training business.

Download your freelance trainer starter kit today and take the first steps to building a training business with all the right ingredients to be wildly successful.

Starting out or taking the next step as a freelance trainer?

Either way, this incredible starter kit will put you on the right path – it includes:

The 7 things you need to know
to become a successful
freelance trainer

Learn how to avoid the mistakes that cost time and money and cause unnecessary stress

In this guide, you'll discover:

* Why you need the right cheerleaders
* How to make the most of your network
* Why consistent marketing matters
* How to use social media marketing
* How to get new clients - what works and what doesn't

How to work out what to charge (a complete guide)

Learn how to avoid the mistakes that cost time and money and cause unnecessary stress

Get confident about pricing

* Learn all the numbers you need to understand in your business (even if you have a bookkeeper or accountant)
* Track your income and outgoings
* Discover all the factors that can affect training prices
* Decide where to position your prices

101 ways to get new clients (without breaking the bank)

Discover how I successfully find new clients without having to use pushy sales techniques

Genuine client-finding tactics

* Explore 101 bite-sized tips
* Strategies cover online and offline
* Ideal for anyone who hates the idea of cold calling or pushy sales tactics
* All of these tips come from my own experiences as a freelance trainer and what works for trainers I coach

One download - three amazing free guides


Get your FREE copy of my new report:

101 Ways To Get New Clients