A few years ago I was sitting having coffee with my friend who had been a freelance trainer for a couple of years or so. We were discussing ways of getting new business and she said to me:

‘You know what Sharon I love the thrill of the chase involved in getting new business but once I’ve got it I kind of lose interest and move on to the next one’.

Even though that conversation was 4 or 5 years ago I’ve always remembered it. It opened up my eyes to one of the traps freelance trainers can quite easily fall into. There can be a constant pressure to find new clients and you can find yourself running round and round trying to get new leads and opportunities.

But don’t forget that it’s so much easier to get work out of existing clients. If you’ve done a great job for them, if you can deliver what they need and they know, like and trust you why would they look anywhere else?

So make an effort to stay in touch. Have a system where you call them once a month or once every 3 months. Send them stuff that may be of interest to them. Just build a great relationship with them. And make sure if that person leaves the company that you find out where they have gone and carry the relationship on there



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