It’s one thing being a good trainer; able to improve a sales team performance, faciliate workshops or improve someone’s presentation skills.

But when it comes to being a successful freelance trainer in business for themselves – a trainer who is constantly and consistently in work, has a regular income stream and enjoys life when they are physically not at “work” – other skills need to be considered.

Yes, you have to be able to effectively deliver the training programmes that you win (after all, if you  don’t deliver the results that the company who has hired you is expecting – you won’t be asked again!).  But if you are not confident in your ability to go out and win the business in the first place, then you won’t be using your training skills much, will you?

Developing your business and marketing skills can be far more critical to your success as a freelancer, than developing your actual skills as a trainer.

There are plenty of training programmes out there to help increase your training skill levels (especially of the NLP type!), but just make sure you are putting the same, if not more, investment in your business and marketing skills.

Ultimately, it is these skills that will help you be a successful freelance trainer.


Won't be long!

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