Business giants Henry J Heinz and John D Rockefeller both famously said that the secret of success is doing common things uncommonly well.

What could this be for your business?

What is the common thing that you know you can do uncommonly well?

Being able to identify this, to spot something simple but important that you can put your heart and soul into, might well be the thing that propels you beyond your competitors.

How you communicate

As a trainer, there’s a good chance that you’re a better communicator than many other people in business.

How can you tap into this?

If what you do uncommonly well is chatting to people face-to-face or keeping clients in the loop throughout a training contract then it’s time to shout about this in your marketing and make it a key part of the services you offer.

Little touches like responding quickly to emails, having an up-to-date answerphone message, sending out thank you cards or following up meetings with written notes about what was agreed can make a big difference.

Everyone expects good customer service from a business but amazing customer service is rare even though it makes the recipient feel amazing and like they matter. What could you do to communicate how much you care?

Adding value

Many businesses package their services but a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t always work.

How can you add value in a way that makes your packages something of a rarity?

Can you offer more one-to-one time, provide access to resources that your client might need, offer advice or give flexible options that let them build their own package?

Try to pick something that you feel good about offering as this will translate into the enthusiasm with which you talk about your training business.

VIP support

Thinking of one-to-one time, something you can do uncommonly well is to be yourself – there’s no-one better at that in the world!

If clients are coming to you because of your particular training expertise, is there something you could do to give them more of your time or knowledge?

Do you offer fixed training programmes or can you build a bespoke programme from the ground up?

Your training methods, style and content

Although there might be many trainers who can offer training on the same topics or issues as you, what is it that makes your methods, style or content different?

Once you can pinpoint the answer to this question, the next step is to identify why this matters to a client.

Maybe you use more interactive technologies or you have professional experience within the industry before you became a trainer? Perhaps you like people to share their experiences in training or use group activities more than other trainers?

These approaches might mean that you see high levels of engagement in sessions or trainees feedback that they learn through applying their knowledge in practical situations, which means it feels relevant to their working lives.

There’s no right or wrong but your individual approach – from your sense of humour to how you give feedback – could be the thing that you do uncommonly well.

Follow up after training

Another option is to think about how you follow up with a client after training and whether you could adapt this in some way to best meet a client’s individual needs.

Perhaps your initial package could include a one- and three-month post-training review to see how people are using what they learned in their jobs?

Could you offer basic and then advanced training on the same topics for the same delegates to deepen and embed their learning?

Are there tangible outcomes you can measure and feedback to the clients?

Maybe you have resources that you could share with trainees after their training to continue their learning?

Different options will work for different businesses. My suggestion is to spend some time thinking about what you do well and how you can build on that. You don’t necessarily have to do something new – you could just focus on building on something that you and your clients both love about your business.

It’s an incredible feeling when a client says, “The way you do X, Y or Z is how every business should do things”.

So let me know, what common thing could you do uncommonly well (or maybe you already do something) and how can you use that in your business? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the Comments below.

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