As a freelance trainer, your clients really are the key to your success and simply put, you need clients to book training sessions with you in order for your training business to be profitable. Whilst lots of trainers are good at retaining their existing clients and generating repeat business, many struggle when it comes to attracting new clients. 

Thankfully, no matter how experienced you are as a trainer and how much money you have to put into attracting training clients, there are lots of different ways that you can expand and grow your training business. Below we have looked into some of the many things you can do to attract new training clients and increase the number of training courses you’re booking. 

Create a website for your training business

When you own a training business in this digital day and age, it is really useful to have a website. More often than not, when they’re trying to find a trainer, prospective clients will take to the internet and use a search engine to locate suitable training courses, so having an online presence is essential. Whether you create a website yourself or enlist the help of a web developer, it can help you to attract new clients and grow your training business. 

Make the most of social media

Similarly to having a website, having relevant social media accounts is vital these days and social media can be a brilliant tool for marketing a training business. So, make sure that you’re using different social media channels and engaging with your target market. Posting relevant content on a regular basis and responding quickly to any comments and messages will help you to attract new training clients who are looking for a training business to work with. 

Attend networking events

Regardless of the industry sector you work in, attending networking events is really beneficial and there are numerous networking opportunities available. Networking is a great way to meet like-minded people, grow your contacts, make invaluable connections and promote your training courses, and it can actually be quite fun too. There are even plenty of free ways to network online nowadays too and making yourself known on relevant networking sites, pages and groups will help you to attract new clients. 

Get in touch with your contacts 

Whether you’re just starting out as a freelance trainer or you have been running your training business for a few years now, reaching out to your contacts is still one of the best ways to expand your business. Make a list of people you know who may require a training course, from family and friends to past colleagues and local businesses, and get in touch with them. Speaking to your contacts is a great starting point for referrals and introductions, ultimately helping you to attract new training clients.

Generate some referrals from previous clients

You can get your existing clients to help you out when you’re wanting to expand your training business and you shouldn’t be afraid to ask them for their assistance. When trying to find a trainer, prospective clients love receiving word of mouth recommendations, so ask your current clients whether they know of anyone who would benefit from your training services and get them to make a recommendation for you. This is quite an effortless way to attract new training clients. 

Use an opportunity alert service

There are lots of different training companies and training providers out there, and working alongside them can be invaluable. Signing up for an alert service where opportunities for associate work and direct client work are sent directly to your inbox can prevent you from spending hours looking for opportunities yourself. Whilst this type of service won’t necessarily help you attract new clients, it will bring in lots of prospective clients that you can contact.

Expanding your training business 

If you’re trying to find some new ways to attract training clients, hopefully, the ideas above will have given you some inspiration. Depending on your target market and the type of training courses that you offer, you might find that some of these ideas are much more suitable and likely to be successful for you than others, but they’re all worth trying at least once. 

When you’re wanting to grow your training business, be sure to explore the rest of The Trainers Training Company website. We specialise in helping freelance trainers grow a successful, profitable and future-fit training business, and there are a number of useful resources for you to explore on our site. What’s more, we offer an opportunity alert service too and whenever we’re approached by training companies, organisations or private clients who are trying to find a trainer, we can provide you with new and exciting training opportunities. 



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